Journal of Islamic Marketing: Volume 3 Issue 2


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The role of Islamic marketing researchers: Scribes, oracles, trend spotters – or thought leaders? Setting the agenda

Jonathan Wilson

The purpose of this paper is first, as a sort of “health check”, to examine the research approaches, aims and sentiments of academics in the field – based upon their output…


Intention to choose Halal products: the role of religiosity

Arshia Mukhtar, Muhammad Mohsin Butt

Muslims living in multi-religious societies are considered more conscious about the permissibility (Halal) of products and thus the majority of Halal research in the non-financial…


Researching Muslim consumers: do they represent the fourth-billion consumer segment?

Baker Ahmad Alserhan, Zeid Ahmad Alserhan

The purpose of this paper is to establish whether Muslim consumers qualify as a homogenous billion-consumer group and, if they do, ask if they have been researched adequately in…


The role of Islamic work ethics in developing organizational citizenship behavior at the Jordanian Press Foundations

Khaled M.K. Alhyasat

The purpose of this paper is to identify the effect of Islamic work ethics on the organizational citizenship behavior in Jordanian press organizations, and single out the most…


Religious beliefs and consumer behaviour: from loyalty to boycotts

Khalil Al-Hyari, Muhammed Alnsour, Ghazi Al-Weshah, Mohamed Haffar

In a constantly changing and increasingly globalised world, religions still play a significant role in influencing social and consumer behavior. The purpose of this paper is to…


Perceived risks in travelling to the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mohammad Reza Jalilvand, Neda Samiei

The purpose of this paper is to identify tourists ' concerns about perceived risks while travelling to the Islamic Republic of Iran, investigate whether such risks are in…


The BlackBerry veil: mobile use and privacy practices by young female Saudis

Sunila Lobo, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

Qualitative and quantitative research on mobile phone use by youth worldwide has been a recurrent theme for social scientists since the early 1990s in the USA, Europe and some…

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