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The push, pull, and mooring effects toward switching intention to halal cosmetic products

Hasan Al-Banna, Syayyidah Maftuhatul Jannah

The paper aims to investigate the push, pull and mooring effects towardswitching intention to halal cosmetic products.


Sharia vs non-sharia compliant: which gives much higher financial-based brand equity to the companies listed in the Indonesian stock market?

Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo, Nur Dhani Hendranastiti

The study aims to examine the difference of financial-based brand equity of Sharia-compliant and non-Sharia-compliant companies listed in the stock market.


Objectives of Islamic banking, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: empirical evidence from South Africa

Riyad Moosa, Smita Kashiramka

This study aims to explore the relationship between the objectives of Islamic banking, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the South African context. Diving deep, this…


Translating the impacts of social advertising on Muslim consumers buying behavior: the moderating role of brand image

Fazal Ur Rehman, Ali Zeb

This study aims to examine the impact of social advertising (informative, entertainment, credibility, ease of use, privacy and contents) on the buying behavior of Muslim consumers…


Livening up Japan’s halal tourism by captivating Indonesian potential Muslim tourists

Fatya Alty Amalia, Arie Indra Gunawan

This paper aims to investigate potential Muslim tourists’ visit intentions to halal tourism destinations in Japan.

Islamic social financing and efficient zakat distribution: impact of fintech adoption among the asnaf in Malaysia

Khaliq Ahmad, Muhamad Hasif Yahaya

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact factors towards the use of mobile banking among the asnaf for efficient zakat payments by using the unified theory of…


Discovering Islamic values: a classical grounded theory approach

Zahra Sadat Saneian, Seyed Mohammad Tabataba'i-Nasab, Saeid Saeida Ardakani, Masood Khodadadi

Values are both an effective variable and a powerful stimulus for consumer behavior. Values are different concepts and classifications influenced by factors such as culture and…

Female Muslim identity and modest clothing consumption in the UK

Samreen Ashraf, Asmah Mansur Williams, Jeff Bray

The Muslim population is growing at twice the non-Muslim rate and forecast to represent over 25% of the global population by 2030. The Muslim fashion market is predicted to be…

Islamic religiosity and green purchase intention: a perspective of food selection in millennials

Adel Alotaibi, Aamir Abbas

The study aims to investigate the effect of Islamic religiosity on green purchase intention. The environmental dimension of spiritual well-being (i.e. environmental well-being…


Adoption of blockchain technology to improve Halal supply chain performance and competitiveness

Ratih Hendayani, Yudi Fernando

This study aims to investigate the relationship between blockchain technology adoption and firm competitiveness through Halal supply chain performance as a mediating variable.


The conflict of halal and hedonism, investigating halal-sensitive tourists’ hedonic tendency

Ömer Saraç, Vahit Oğuz Kiper, Orhan Batman

Hedonic behavior is a well-known phenomenon for tourism activities by the nature of tourism itself. However, there is a possible conflict between the structure of halal tourism…

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