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Electronic trust-building for hotel websites: a social exchange theory perspective

Leila Nasrolahi Vosta, Mohammad Reza Jalilvand

This study aims to contribute to the context of electronic trust (e-trust) research with an emphasis on the determination of tourists’ e-trust in hotel websites. This research…

Involvement of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) in takaful in Sri Lanka: an extension of theory of planned behaviour

Abi Huraira Rifas, Asmak Ab Rahman, Ahmad Hidayat Buang, Muzalwana Abdul Talib

This study aims to investigate the factors affecting micro, small and medium entrepreneurs’ (MSMEs) behavioural intention to participate in takaful schemes in Sri Lanka.

Deposit withdrawal intentions of profit-sharing investment depositors: evidence from Morocco

Sana Rhoudri, Lotfi Benazzou

The purpose of this study is to examine the factors affecting deposit withdrawal intentions among Moroccan profit-sharing investment account holders.

Development and validation of key antecedents of religious brand attitude: a cross-cultural quantitative analysis using smart PLS

Zulfiqar Ali Jumani, Nazlida Muhamad

The religious-based brands are increasing daily, and different organizations target religious consumers. However, a scarcity of research in developing nations makes it difficult…

I love my cosmetics: educated young Muslim’s behaviour of non-halal certified cosmetics

Abdul Hafaz Ngah, Tuan Mastiniwati Tuan Mansor, Cécile Gabarre, Samar Rahi, Shahbaz Khan, Rohana Ahmad

The purpose of the study is to identify factors influencing the continuance of use of non-halal certified cosmetics among Muslim university students in Malaysia.


Determinants of Zakat donor behavior in a Gulf state

Sarah AlShamali, Shihanah AlMutairi

This paper aims to investigate the donor characteristics of Muslim donors and fills the gap by empirically surveying Muslim donors from Kuwait. The authors believe their sample…

A meta-analytical study on the role of religiosity on purchase intention in the theory of planned behavior

Jaspreet Kaur, Neha Bhardwaj, Reynal Fernandes, Vidya Vidya, Nafees Akhter Farooqui

Religion plays a crucial role as a sociocultural factor to assess consumer behavior. Stemming from the above, this study aims to analyze the impact of religion and ethnic concern…

How risk-aversion level of return policies impact consumer trust in online shopping? An intercultural study in the Middle East

Kazem Askarifar, Yalda Dehbozorgi, Ali Alsafi

This study aims to examine the relationship between the risk-aversion level of return policies and customer trust in online shopping in three countries in the Middle East.

When love leads the way! Conceptualizing triangular theory of love and expectations-confirmation theory in Islamic banking

Ismail Juma Ismail

This study aims to analyze the mediating effect of brand love (BRL) on the relationship between service quality and brand addiction (BRA) among Islamic banks. Past studies have…

When modesty meets fashion: how social media and influencers change the meaning of hijab

Zerrin Karakavak, Tuğba Özbölük

This study aims to examine the functions of hijab fashion among hijab-wearing women and explore the role of social media and influencers in hijab fashion.


Relationship between brand innovativeness and customer satisfaction: a moderated mediation model from Generation M perspective

Sehrish Naz, Muhammad Asrar-ul-Haq, Anam Iqbal, Misbah Ahmed

This paper aims to examine the impact of innovativeness on customer satisfaction through mediation of perceived quality and also examines the effect of consumer involvement and…


Adoption of ZakaTech in the time of COVID-19: cross-country and gender differences

Saeed Awadh Bin-Nashwan, Abdelhamid Elsayed A. Ismaiel, Aishath Muneeza, Mohamad Yazid Isa

Despite the significant growth in Islamic economies and the increasing number of Muslim youths inclining digital services, empirical-based research addressing the adoption of…

How store attribute affects customer experience, brand love and brand loyalty

Ahmad Khabib Dwi Anggara, Ririn Tri Ratnasari, Ismah Osman

This study aims to determine the influence of store attributes on customer experience, brand love and brand loyalty at Hijup stores.

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