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Brand clarity of local and global brands in fast-moving consumer goods: an empirical study in a Middle East country

Maryam Vaziri, Joan Llonch-Andreu, Pilar López-Belbeze

This paper aims to analyze different brand clarity levels (BCLs) of local, global and glocal types of brands in fast-moving consumer goods from the consumer's perspective. The…


Motivational, emotional and memorable dimensions of non-Muslim tourists’ halal food experiences

Erose Sthapit, Peter Björk, Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam

This study aims to explore non-Muslim tourists’ general halal food preferences, motivations for tasting halal food during their recent trips, positive and negative emotions and…


The role of religious advertising and personal selling in enhancing mutual fund purchase intention and sales in Pakistan: a managerial perspective

Muhammad Waqas, Sarmad Jan Mian, Nabila Nazir

This paper aims to fill a gap in the literature of marketing communication by exploring the role of different nudges implemented through advertising and personal selling in…

Discovering the importance of halal tourism for Indonesian Muslim travelers: perceptions and behaviors when traveling to a non-Muslim destination

Berto Mulia Wibawa, Chelsia Pranindyasari, Gita Widi Bhawika, Rachma Rizqina Mardhotillah

This research aims to identify halal attributes for Indonesian Muslim tourists that can create a destination image, revisit intention and recommendation intention. Indonesia has…


An integrated framework for the measurement of halal good manufacturing practices on the case of SMEs in the food sector

Fitra Lestari, Rahmad Kurniawan, Johar Arifin, Muhammad Yasir, Mawardi Muhammad Saleh, Akbarizan

Nowadays, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Indonesia with the product’s need for halal certification is limited. The purpose of this paper is to measure the integrated…

Key attributes of Muslim-friendly hotels’ service quality: voices from

Huseyin Arasli, Mehmet Bahri Saydam, Tugrul Gunay, Kaveh Jafari

On a global scale, the Muslim-friendly hospitality business has intensified hotel competition. Given the paucity of research on the important service quality characteristics of…

Co-creative service design for online businesses in post-COVID-19

Amjad Shamim, Junaid Siddique, Uzma Noor, Rohail Hassan

This study aims to explore the customers’ behaviour towards online shopping during COVID-19 in a Muslim country and proposes a co-creative service design for online businesses…


Analysing the factors influencing customer engagement and value co-creation during COVID-19 pandemic: the case of online modest fashion SMEs in Egypt

Kesmat AbdelAziz, Nor Hasliza Md Saad, Ramayah Thurasamy

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the factors which influence value co-creation intention through customer engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper studies the…


Religious boycott in Indonesia: investigation of antecedents and the effect of religiosity dimensions

Widyarso Roswinanto, Siti Nuraisyah Suwanda

The purpose of this study is twofold. First, to investigate whether religiosity holds a significant effect on religious animosity in boycott circumstances in Indonesia and the…

Islamic brands attitudes and its consumption behaviour among non-Muslim residents of Thailand

Sasiwemon Sukhabot, Zulfiqar Ali Jumani

This study aims to discuss the influence of Islamic brand attitude, Islamic brand knowledge and Islamic brand health advantages over the consumption behaviour towards Islamic…

Mediating role of customer’s satisfaction on Jaiz bank products: a model development

Tijjani Muhammad, Besar Bin Ngah

This study developed a model for the mediation role of satisfaction on Jaiz bank products and services as an alternative way of improving customer’s subjective experiences of…

The influences of Islamic retail mix approach on purchase decisions

Hilda Monoarfa, Juliana Juliana, Rahman Setiawan, Rizuwan Abu Karim

This study aims to investigate the influence of the Islamic retail mix of product, price, promotion and store atmosphere on consumers' purchase decisions.


Elucidating green branding among Muslim consumers: the nexus of green brand love, image, trust and attitude

Reza Salehzadeh, Maryam Sayedan, Seyed Mehdi Mirmehdi, Parisa Heidari Aqagoli

Green brands are those brands that obtain attributes and benefits related to the reduction of the brands’ environmental impact. Green brand love is a very important issue for…


Do Islamic Holy days affect stock returns? Empirical evidence from Asian and African markets

Irfan Ali, Waheed Akhter, Naukhaiz Chaudhry

The Islamic Holy days are among the most celebrated spiritual traditions in the world and are observed by more than 1.5 billion Muslims. This study aims to investigate the effect…

An expansion of the technology acceptance model applied to the halal tourism sector

Izra Berakon, Muhammad Ghafur Wibowo, Achmad Nurdany, Hendy Mustiko Aji

The increasing number of tourists in the Muslim world every year has encouraged digital business developers and the Sharia banking industry to integrate halal product and service…

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