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The role of viral marketing strategies in predicting purchasing intention of eco-labelled products

Sahar Hosseinikhah Choshaly, Marva Mirabolghasemi

Viral marketing through the internet is an important and cost-effective way to promote products. This study aims to examine the impact of viral marketing strategies (level of…


What shapes Muslim business operators’ attitudes towards value-added tax? Evidence from the United Arab Emirates

Mohd Ariff Kasim, Siti Rosmaini Mohd Hanafi, Norazah Mohd Suki

This study aims to examine what factors shape Muslim business operators’ attitudes towards pre- and post-value-added tax (VAT) implementation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Salesforce product knowledge in Islamic financial institutions; development and validation of measurement scale

Shinaj Valangattil Shamsudheen, Mohammad Ashraful Ferdous Chowdhury

The purpose of the study is to develop and validate scale to measure the “product knowledge of salesforce in Islamic financial institutions”.

The effect of Muslims’ tendency to regret being customers of conventional banks on their intention to save money in Islamic banks

Burhanudin Burhanudin

There are some Muslims who only hold conventional bank accounts, regardless that some believe that such banks implement an interest charging system that contradicts Islamic law…

Arab’s children’s influence on the buying process: comparing parent and child perceptions

Suhail Mohammad Ghouse, Monica Chaudhary, Omar Durrah

This paper aims to identify the perception levels of the child and parents towards the child’s influence on different product categories and stages of the family buying process in…

The exploration role of Sharia compliance in technology acceptance model for e-banking (case: Islamic bank in Indonesia)

Hardius Usman, Nucke Widowati Kusumo Projo, Chairy Chairy, Marissa Grace Haque

The study proposes an extended model of the technology acceptance model (TAM) by including Sharia compliance (SC), knowledge of SC and confidence in SC, in addition to perceived…


Attitudes toward femvertising in the Middle East: the case of Lebanon

Samer Elhajjar

The purpose of this paper is to offer a clear understanding of the use of femvertising in Lebanon and its effects on consumers in general.


Clothing of righteousness: exploring tensions of halal maternity wear on online apparel websites

Jayne Krisjanous, Nilufar Allayarova, Djavlonbek Kadirov

This paper aims to explore marketing practices related to online halal maternity wear by examining the characteristics of halal maternity wear promoted to Muslim women (Muslimah…

Impact of internal and external factors on halal logistics implementation

Aries Susanty, Nia Budi Puspitasari, Sumunar Jati, Oktivia Selvina

The purpose of this paper is as follows: first, this study aims to identify the impact of internal and external factors on the implementation of halal logistics (IHL). Second…


Behavioural intention and adoption of internet banking among clients’ of Islamic banks in Malaysia: an analysis using UTAUT2

Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker, Mohamed Asmy Mohd Thas Thaker, Ahmad Khaliq, Anwar Allah Pitchay, Hafezali Iqbal Hussain

This study aims to investigate the behavioural intention and adoption of internet banking (IB) among clients of local and foreign Islamic banks in Malaysia.

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