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Halal company identity and halal restaurant loyalty: the role of customer satisfaction, customer trust and customer-company identification

Ali Mursid, Cedric Hsi-Jui Wu

This study aims to examine the effect of halal company identity includes halal identity similarity, halal identity distinctiveness and halal identity prestige on customer…


Moderating role of religion in the relationship between SERVQUAL dimensions and hotel guest satisfaction

Precious Chikezie Ezeh, Titus Chukwuemezie Okeke, Anayo D. Nkamnebe

Religion is one of the factors that are considered in developing marketing strategy. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the moderating role of religion (Islam and…

How education level polarizes halal food purchase decision of Indonesian millennials

Mas Wahyu Wibowo, Auditia Lintang Sari Putri, Ali Hanafiah, Dudi Permana, Fauziah Sh Ahmad

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate Indonesian Muslim millennials’ decision-making process in purchasing halal food by introducing knowledge variable into the theory of…


The misunderstanding of halal tourism in Bandung city - Indonesia: Muslim tourist arrivals are increasing in the obscurity of concepts

Uud Wahyudin, Agrian Ratu Randa, Kismiyati El Karimah, Imelia Martinovita Santoso

This paper aims to find out what causes differences in understanding the concept of halal tourism between the government and stakeholders, which results in the slow development of…

The importance of trust factor in the intentions to purchase Islamic insurance (takaful) in Indonesia

Roy Poan, Valencya Engla Merizka, Farida Komalasari

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of attitude, religiosity, awareness and subjective norm toward trust which influences purchase intention regarding Islamic…


Mining Arabic Twitter conversations on health care: a new approach to analysing Arabic language on social media

Nael Alqtati, Jonathan A.J. Wilson, Varuna De Silva

This paper aims to equip professionals and researchers in the fields of advertising, branding, public relations, marketing communications, social media analytics and marketing…

Spirituality to organizational citizenship behavior from Islamic perspective: mediating role of spirituality at work and organizational commitment

Achmad Sani, Vivin Maharani Ekowati

This study aims to determine the direct and indirect effects of Islamic spirituality on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) Islamic perspective (OCBIP), identifying the role…

Indicators of having a micro-family takaful plan amongst low-income earners

Hafizuddin-Syah Bangaan Abdullah, Rubayah Yakob, Sajiah Yakob, Nuratikah Syafiqah Sharif

Participation in micro-family takāful plans amongst low-income earners remains low despite the various initiatives promoted by the Malaysian Government. Therefore, this study aims…


Impact of religiosity and branding on SMEs performance: does financial literacy play a role?

Raed Khamis Alharbi, Sofri Bin Yahya, Salina Kassim

This study aims to examine the relationship between religiosity and branding on small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs’) performance in Saudi Arabia. It also examines the…


Perceived risk and tourist’s trust: the roles of perceived value and religiosity

Abror Abror, Dina Patrisia, Yunita Engriani, Maznah Wan Omar, Yunia Wardi, Nazirul Mubin Bin Mohd Noor, Sarah Sabir Sabir Ahmad, Mukhamad Najib

This study aims to examine the relationship between perceived risk and tourists’ trust. It also investigates the role of perceived value as a mediating variable on the link…

Religiosity and Egyptian Muslim millennials’ views on offensive advertising

Jonathan A.J. Wilson, Nihal I.A. Ayad

This paper explores reasons behind Muslim fervour, in response to advertisements that cause them offence – where marketing promotions and brands are seen to contradict or…

Personalized vs non-personalized recommendations: how recommender systems, recommendation sources and recommendation platforms affect trial of YouTube videos among digital natives in Saudi Arabia

Louisa Ha, Mohammad Hatim Abuljadail, Claire Youngnyo Joa, Kisun Kim

This study aims to examine the difference between personalized and non-personalized recommendations in influencing YouTube users’ video choices. In addition, whether men and women…


Millennial behavioural intention in Islamic banks: the role of social media influencers

David Dean, Dwi Suhartanto, Ferty Nadya Pujianti

This study aims to examine the role of social media influencers (SMI) in millennial behavioural intentions towards Islamic banks, from the perspective of both bank clients and…

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