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Mangi teus‐teus: Between a Weberian and historical understanding of economic dominance among pious Muslims in francophone West Africa

Stephen Wood

The aim of this paper is to explain why the two most pious Muslim groups in West Africa – the Mourides of Senegal and the Pula Futa of Guinea – are also the most economically…

Ethical implications of sales promotion in Ghana: Islamic perspective

Jibrail Bin Yusuf

The paper aims to examine sales promotional practices in Ghana, weighing their ethical implications from an Islamic perspective and investigates whether they meet Islam's ethical…


Conflict in purchase decision making within couples

Azza Frikha

This paper aims to explore conflict and its resolution strategies adopted by Tunisian spouses in the purchase of furniture. This paper also seeks to examine the determinants of…


Customer satisfaction factors (CSFs) with online banking services in an Islamic country: I.R. Iran

Tooraj Sadeghi, Kambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee

This paper seeks to investigate the key factors underlying customer satisfaction with electronic banking services in an Islamic country, Iran.


Compliance to Islamic marketing practices among businesses in Malaysia

Kalthom Abdullah, Mohd. Ismail Ahmad

This research paper aims to explore the perceptions of Muslim consumers of the degree of compliance of Malaysian businesses to Islamic marketing practices and promotional…

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