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Assessing restaurant review helpfulness through big data: dual-process and social influence theory

Wooseok Kwon, Minwoo Lee, Ki-Joon Back, Kyung Young Lee

This study aims to uncover how heuristic information cues (HIC) and systematic information cues (SIC) of online reviews influence review helpfulness and examine a moderating role…

Online communication of accessibility conditions in touristic spots: the design–communication gap in Porto destination

Beatriz Casais, Celine Castro

It is important to design accessible destinations for disabled tourists. However, to attract this market segment, it is also important to efficiently communicate online the…

A generalizable sentiment analysis method for creating a hotel dictionary: using big data on TripAdvisor hotel reviews

Sayeh Bagherzadeh, Sajjad Shokouhyar, Hamed Jahani, Marianna Sigala

Research analyzing online travelers’ reviews has boomed over the past years, but it lacks efficient methodologies that can provide useful end-user value within time and budget…


An integrated model to explain online review helpfulness in hospitality

Sérgio Moro, Joaquim Esmerado

This study aims to propose a model to explain online review helpfulness grounded on both previously identified constructs (e.g. review length) and new ones, which have been…

Digital evolution and emerging revenue management practices: evidence from Aegean airlines distribution channels

Vicky Katsoni, Ioulia Poulaki

The rapid digital transformation (DX) that airlines experienced during the past decade has been proven to be the driving force of significant benefits for the airlines when it…


Interactive service quality on the acceptance of self-service ordering systems for the restaurant industry

Ting Yang, Ivan Ka Wai Lai, Zhao-Bin Fan, Qing-Min Mo

The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors that explain the acceptance of self-service ordering systems (SOSs) for restaurants and to explore the effects of…


The current practices of food and beverage photography and styling in food business

Duran Cankul, Ozlem Peksen Ari, Bendegul Okumus

This study aims to analyze the current practices of food and beverage (F&B) photography and styling through the eyes of professionals involved in the food business.


Factors affecting attendees continued use of mobile event applications

Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, Wei Wei, Nan Hua, Ruoxi Qi

Based on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT2), the purpose of this study was to examine users’ continued usage intention of mobile event application…

Mapping the concepts evoked by a destination: an approach to the study of a holistic destination image

Vanesa F. Guzman-Parra, Juan Trespalacios Gutierrez, José Roberto Vila-Oblitas

This study aims to demonstrate the application of computer-aided text analysis (CATA) software in identifying primary associations and impressions of a specified tourist…


Mining and exploring electronic word-of-mouth from Twitter: case of the Java Jazz Festival

Harriman Samuel Saragih

This paper aims to explore textual patterns in ten years of electronic word-of-mouth communications amongst social media (SM) users of the Java Jazz Festival.


Antecedents and consequences of user engagement in smartphone travel apps

Faizan Ali, Abraham Terrah, Chengzhong Wu, Laiba Ali, Hui Wu

This study aims to test the effect of system quality, information quality and service quality on user engagement and its effect on smartphone travel apps’ satisfaction, love and…


Integrative model for the adoption of tour itineraries from smart travel apps

Ree Chan Ho, Muslim Amin, Kisang Ryu, Faizan Ali

Travelers are increasingly planning trips using smart travel planning apps to manage travel-related activities. They obtain their preferred tour itineraries with the use of these…

Travelers’ motivations to adopt augmented reality (AR) applications in a tourism destination

Hyejo Hailey Shin, Miyoung Jeong

This study aims to identify travelers’ motivational factors to adopt augmented reality (AR) applications at tourism destinations. Furthermore, this study seeks to investigate the…

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