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A Framework for Innovation

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The traces of ecotourism in a digital world: spatial and trend analysis of geotagged photographs on social media and Google search data for sustainable development

Hanyoung Go, Myunghwa Kang, Yunwoo Nam

This paper aims to track how ecotourism has been presented in a digital world over time using geotagged photographs and internet search data. Ecotourism photographs and Google…


Road block(chain): bit(coin)s for tourism sustainable development goals?

Aaron Tham, Marianna Sigala

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the disrupting usage and impacts of blockchains and cryptocurrencies and advocate their role as enablers of sustainable tourism development…


Platform-mediated tourism micro-entrepreneurship: implications for community-based tourism in Thailand

Morakot Ditta-Apichai, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, Ulrike Gretzel

This paper aims to bridge micro-entrepreneurship, sharing economy and community-based tourism (CBT) literature by analyzing the specific ways in which technological platforms…


Discovering the sustainable hotel brand personality on TripAdvisor

Aureo Paiva Neto, Elaine Aparecida Lopes da Silva, Lissa Valéria Fernandes Ferreira, José Felipe Ribeiro Araújo

This paper aims to explore a hotel brand personality performance through electronic word-of-mouth. A complementary attribute is designed and tested in addition to the already…


How can gamification contribute to achieve SDGs? : Exploring the opportunities and challenges of ecogamification for tourism

Viviane Silva Souza, Susana Regina Bacelar de Vasconcelos Marques, Medéia Veríssimo

Ecogamification can make a positive impact on Tourism. With this in mind, the present study aims to examine specific stakeholders – those positioned at the upstream side of…


Cyber attacks on hospitality sector: stock market reaction

Maria Cristina Arcuri, Lorenzo Gai, Federica Ielasi, Elisabetta Ventisette

The paper aims to analyze the impact of cyber attacks on stock returns of companies operating in the hospitality sector. The fast development of information and communication…


Determination of attributes affecting price-performance using fuzzy rule-based systems: online ratings of hotels by travel 2.0 users

Seden Doğan, Murat Alper Basaran, Kemal Kantarci

Fuzzy rule-based system (FRBS), a soft computing method used for big data analysis, is used to determine which single hotel attribute or interrelated hotel attributes used in…

Innovation radar in hospitality: a new procedure to evaluate the innovation in hotels

Marilia Nunes Valença, Marcos Felipe Falcão Sobral, Telma Lúcia de Andrade Lima, Daniela de Moura Pavão Farias

This study aims to propose a new procedure called innovation radar in hospitality (IRH), which was specifically designed to measure the innovations in hotels.

A trip planning service acceptance model for young mainland Chinese tourists

Vincent Ting Pong Cheng, Chen-Kuo Pai

Online travel agencies (OTAs) have been offering tourists trip planning services (TPS) for more than a decade. However, they are less popular than other online travel services…

Artificial intelligence and big data in tourism: a systematic literature review

Dimitra Samara, Ioannis Magnisalis, Vassilios Peristeras

This paper aims to research, identify and discuss the benefits and overall role of big data and artificial intelligence (BDAI) in the tourism sector, as this is depicted in recent…


Antecedents of the intention to use NFC mobile applications in tourism

Francisco Liebana-Cabanillas, Elena Carvajal-Trujillo, Ángel F. Villarejo-Ramos, Elena Higueras-Castillo

Near-field communication (NFC) technology introduces new and better experiences for tourists while improving operating processes in the tourism industry through the use of…

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