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Impact of network effects on service provider performance in digital business platforms

Khadija Ali Vakeel, Edward C. Malthouse, Aimei Yang

Digital business platforms (DBPs) such as Alibaba and Google Shopping are partnership networks that use the Internet to bring service providers (e.g. retail vendors) and…

Engaging users in the sharing economy: individual and collective psychological ownership as antecedents to actor engagement

Jonathan J. Baker, Treasa Kearney, Gaurangi Laud, Maria Holmlund

This conceptual study explicates the dynamic, interlinked relationship between two of the most popular theories in marketing today: psychological ownership (PO) and…

Transforming into a platform provider: strategic options for industrial smart service providers

Daniel Beverungen, Dennis Kundisch, Nancy Wünderlich

The purpose of this paper is to identify strategic options and challenges that arise when an industrial firm moves from providing smart service toward providing a platform.

From third party to significant other for service encounters: a systematic review on third-party roles and their implications

Liliane Abboud, Nabila As'ad, Nicola Bilstein, Annelies Costers, Bieke Henkens, Katrien Verleye

Dyadic interactions between customers and service providers rarely occur in isolation. Still, there is a lack of systematic knowledge about the roles that different types…

Creating a compassion system to achieve efficiency and quality in health care delivery

Timothy J. Vogus, Laura E. McClelland, Yuna S.H. Lee, Kathleen L. McFadden, Xinyu Hu

Health care delivery is experiencing a multi-faceted epidemic of suffering among patients and care providers. Compassion is defined as noticing, feeling and responding to…

Using AI to predict service agent stress from emotion patterns in service interactions

Stefano Bromuri, Alexander P. Henkel, Deniz Iren, Visara Urovi

A vast body of literature has documented the negative consequences of stress on employee performance and well-being. These deleterious effects are particularly pronounced…

Unraveling customer experiences in a new servicescape: an ethnographic schema elicitation technique (ESET)

Susan Stead, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Dominik Mahr

This article investigates the role of schemas in shaping customer experiences in new servicescapes, across the customer journey. The authors take a customer perspective…

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