Journal of Service Management: Volume 31 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Service Imperative for Health, Hospitality, and Design

Guest Editors: Leonard L. Berry

Designing connection into healthcare services

Leonard L. Berry

The purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of the foundational construct of “connection” in linking design and service in performing vital functions in the…

Visioning a hospitality-oriented patient experience (HOPE) framework in health care

Philippa Hunter-Jones, Nathaniel Line, Jie J. Zhang, Edward C. Malthouse, Lars Witell, Brooke Hollis

This paper considers the question: what would happen if healthcare providers, like their counterparts in the hospitality industry, adopted the principles of customer…

Leveraging service design for healthcare transformation: toward people-centered, integrated, and technology-enabled healthcare systems

Lia Patrício, Daniela Sangiorgi, Dominik Mahr, Martina Čaić, Saleh Kalantari, Sue Sundar

This paper explores how service design can contribute to the evolution of health service systems, moving them toward people-centered, integrated and technology-enabled…

Information technology and Baumol's cost disease in healthcare services: a research agenda

Sunil Mithas, Charles F. Hofacker, Anil Bilgihan, Tarik Dogru, Vanja Bogicevic, Ajit Sharma

This paper advances a research agenda for service researchers at the intersection of healthcare and information technologies to improve access to quality healthcare at…

Employee wellness on the frontline: an interactional psychology perspective

David Solnet, Mahesh Subramony, Maria Golubovskaya, Hannah Snyder, Whitney Gray, Olga Liberman, Rohit Verma

Employee wellness is vital to creating high-quality employee–customer interactions, yet frontline service workers (FLSWs) do not typically engage in, or benefit from…

Fostering older adult care experiences to maximize well-being outcomes: A conceptual framework

Sertan Kabadayi, Kejia Hu, Yuna Lee, Lydia Hanks, Matthew Walsman, David Dobrzykowski

Caring for older adults is an increasingly complex and multi-dimensional global concern. This article provides a comprehensive definition of the older adult care…

Whose experience is it anyway? Toward a constructive engagement of tensions in patient-centered health care

Timothy J. Vogus, Andrew Gallan, Cheryl Rathert, Dahlia El-Manstrly, Alexis Strong

Healthcare delivery faces increasing pressure to move from a provider-centered approach to become more consumer-driven and patient-centered. However, many of the actions…

Parents' burdens of service for children with ASD – implications for service providers

Anu Helkkula, Alexander John Buoye, Hyeyoon Choi, Min Kyung Lee, Stephanie Q. Liu, Timothy Lee Keiningham

The purpose of this investigation is to gain insight into parents' perceptions of benefits vs burdens (value) of educational and healthcare service received for their…

The role of service firms in societal health: the case for symbiotic value

Lerzan Aksoy, Linda Alkire (née Nasr), Jay Kandampully, Laura Kemppainen, Lu Kong, Laura E. McClelland

The purpose of this study is to highlight the role that service firms can play to improve societal health and create symbiotic value, defined as value created as a result…

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