Journal of Service Management: Volume 31 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Emerging Fields in Service Research

Guest Editors: AndersGustafsson, PerKristensson

Elevating the human experience (HX) through service research collaborations: introducing ServCollab

Raymond P. Fisk, Linda Alkire (née Nasr), Laurel Anderson, David E. Bowen, Thorsten Gruber, Amy L. Ostrom, Lia Patrício

Elevating the human experience (HX) through research collaborations is the purpose of this article. ServCollab facilitates and supports service research collaborations…

The transformative service paradox: the dilemma of wellbeing trade-offs

Rebekah Russell–Bennett, Rory Mulcahy, Kate Letheren, Ryan McAndrew, Uwe Dulleck

A transformative service aims to improve wellbeing; however, current approaches have an implicit assumption that all wellbeing dimensions are equal and more dimensions led…

Luxury services

Jochen Wirtz, Jonas Holmqvist, Martin P. Fritze

The market for luxury is growing rapidly. While there is a significant body of literature on luxury goods, academic research has largely ignored luxury services. The…

Two-directional convergence of platform and pipeline business models

Makarand Mody, Jochen Wirtz, Kevin Kam Fung So, Helen HaeEun Chun, Stephanie Q. Liu

This article examines the new phenomenon of the convergence of platform and pipeline business models. It examines the potential synergies and challenges for platforms to…

Understanding the customer experience with smart services

Luisa Gonçalves, Lia Patrício, Jorge Grenha Teixeira, Nancy V. Wünderlich

This article provides an in-depth understanding of customer experience with smart services, examines customer perceptual responses to smart and connected service…

AI feel you: customer experience assessment via chatbot interviews

Karim Sidaoui, Matti Jaakkola, Jamie Burton

While customer experience (CE) is recognized as a critical determinant of business success, both academics and managers are yet to find a means to gain a comprehensive…

Toward a goal-oriented view of customer journeys

Larissa Becker, Elina Jaakkola, Aino Halinen

Customer experience research predominantly anchors the customer journey on a specific offering, implying an inherently firm-centric perspective. Attending calls for a more…

How to scale up contact-intensive services: ICT-enabled service innovation

Stefan Kleinschmidt, Christoph Peters, Jan Marco Leimeister

While scaling is a viable approach to respond to growing demand, service providers in contact-intensive services (CIS) – such as education, healthcare and social services…

The role of social incompatibility in customer discomfort

Mark Scott Rosenbaum, Tali Seger-Guttmann, Ofir Mimran

The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of customer discomfort in service settings when employees and customers who share social incompatibilities, stemming…

Identifying the resource integration processes of green service

Hugo Guyader, Mikael Ottosson, Per Frankelius, Lars Witell

The purpose of this paper is to improve the understanding of green service. In particular, the focus is on identifying homopathic and heteropathic resource integration…

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