Journal of Service Management: Volume 31 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: The New Frontiers in Digital Media Services

Guest Editors: Werner Kunz, Gianfranco Waish

Social Media use and value creation in the digital landscape: a dynamic-capabilities perspective

Aurora Garrido-Moreno, Víctor García-Morales, Stephen King, Nigel Lockett

Although Social Media use has become all-pervasive, previous research has failed to explain how to use Social Media tools strategically to create business value in today's…

Testing the influence of real-time performance feedback on employees in digital services

Jonas Lechermeier, Martin Fassnacht, Tillmann Wagner

While digital media changed the nature of communication in service contexts, often allowing customers to interact instantly with service providers, the implications and…

The interplay of management response and individual power in digital service environments from a bystander's perspective

Ran Huang, Sejin Ha

This study aims to investigate bystanders' perceptions and reactions to management responses to consumer complaints through digital service channels. Specific purposes are…

Why customers and peer service providers do not participate in collaborative consumption

Simon Hazée, Thijs Johannes Zwienenberg, Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Tine Faseur, Audrey Vandenberghe, Olivier Keutgens

Technological innovations such as smart mobile devices and mobile applications gave rise to a new business model: collaborative consumption. This business model, which is…

Investigating apology, perceived firm remorse and consumers’ coping behaviors in the digital media service recovery context

Kai-Yu Wang, Wen-Hai Chih, Li-Chun Hsu, Wei-Ching Lin

This research investigates whether and how perceived firm remorse (PFR) influences consumers’ coping behaviors in the digital media service recovery context. It also…

Digital customer service and customer-to-customer interactions: investigating the effect of online incivility on customer perceived service climate

Todd J. Bacile

The domain of digital service not only includes digital service products made available for purchase but also the provision of digital customer service, such as customers…

The effect of emotions, eWOM quality and online review sequence on consumer intention to follow advice obtained from digital services

Carla Ruiz-Mafe, Enrique Bigné-Alcañiz, Rafael Currás-Pérez

This paper analyses the interrelationships between emotions, the cognitive information cues of online reviews and intention to follow the advice obtained from digital…

Customer journey analyses in digital media: exploring the impact of cross-media exposure on customers' purchase decisions

Jan F. Klein, Yuchi Zhang, Tomas Falk, Jaakko Aspara, Xueming Luo

In the age of digital media, customers have access to vast digital information sources, within and outside a company's direct control. Yet managers lack a metric to…

Complainers' resource investment and mobilization in digital environments using Conservation of Resources theory

Yean Shan Beh, Laszlo Sajtos, Joanne T. Cao

The purpose of this paper is to consider whether consumers can recover from a service failure by utilizing internal and external energy resources that are available to…

Demographic and attitudinal antecedents of consumers' use and self-investment trajectories over time in an online TV content platform

Sam Van der Linden, Stef Nimmegeers, Kristof Geskens, Bert Weijters

To investigate if online TV content platforms create value for consumers (and increase use) by offering its users the possibility to self-invest in the service (by giving…

Gamifying the digital shopping experience: games without monetary participation incentives increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Johannes C. Bauer, Marc Linzmajer, Liane Nagengast, Thomas Rudolph, Elena D'Cruz

Many marketplace examples suggest that using gamification in the online retail shopping context boosts sales and positively affects customer loyalty. Nevertheless, more…

After the revolution – new chances for service research in a digital world

Werner H. Kunz, Gianfranco Walsh

Digital media has revolutionized societies and changed forever how we do business. This paper aims to determine the current scope of service research in the area of…

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