Journal of Service Management: Volume 31 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: AI and Machine Learning in Service Management

Guest Editors: Kristina Heinonen, Jan Kietzmann, Leyland F. Pitt

From automats to algorithms: the automation of services using artificial intelligence

Chris Meyer, David Cohen, Sudhir Nair

The paper aims to fill this gap by positing a framework that considers the service automation decision as a matter of knowledge management: a choice between human resident…

Accountable algorithms? The ethical implications of data-driven business models

Christoph F. Breidbach, Paul Maglio

The purpose of this study is to identify, analyze and explain the ethical implications that can result from the datafication of service.

Estimating numerical scale ratings from text-based service reviews

Hsiu-Yuan Tsao, Ming-Yi Chen, Colin Campbell, Sean Sands

This paper develops a generalizable, machine-learning-based method for measuring established marketing constructs using passive analysis of consumer-generated textual data…

Human-like communication in conversational agents: a literature review and research agenda

Michelle M.E. Van Pinxteren, Mark Pluymaekers, Jos G.A.M. Lemmink

Conversational agents (chatbots, avatars and robots) are increasingly substituting human employees in service encounters. Their presence offers many potential benefits…

The impact of augmented reality on overall service satisfaction in elaborate servicescapes

Jana Gäthke

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to facilitate service provision and forms the basis for various smart services, such as augmented reality (AR) apps. The…

Half human, half machine – augmenting service employees with AI for interpersonal emotion regulation

Alexander P. Henkel, Stefano Bromuri, Deniz Iren, Visara Urovi

With the advent of increasingly sophisticated AI, the nature of work in the service frontline is changing. The next frontier is to go beyond replacing routine tasks and…

Robots or frontline employees? Exploring customers’ attributions of responsibility and stability after service failure or success

Daniel Belanche, Luis V. Casaló, Carlos Flavián, Jeroen Schepers

Service robots are taking over the organizational frontline. Despite a recent surge in studies on this topic, extant works are predominantly conceptual in nature. The…

An artificial-intelligence-based method for assessing service quality: insights from the prosthodontics sector

Sara M. Martins, Fernando A.F. Ferreira, João J. M. Ferreira, Carla S.E. Marques

The prosthodontics sector is facing major challenges because of scientific and technological advances that imply a clearer definition of lines of action and decision…

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