Journal of Service Management: Volume 29 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Beyond the dyadic: customer engagement in increasingly networked environments

Guest Editors: Linda D. Hollebeek, Elina Jaakkola, Matthew Alexander

Zooming out: actor engagement beyond the dyadic

Matthew J. Alexander, Elina Jaakkola, Linda D. Hollebeek

The purpose of this paper is to broaden extant understanding of actor engagement behavior beyond its currently dominant dyadic (micro-level) focus, by examining it from…

Evolving roles and structures of triadic engagement in healthcare

Debbie Isobel Keeling, Angus Laing, Ko De Ruyter

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the changing nature of healthcare service encounters by studying the phenomenon of triadic engagement incorporating interactions…

Dynamics between social media engagement, firm-generated content, and live and time-shifted TV viewing

Vijay Viswanathan, Edward C. Malthouse, Ewa Maslowska, Steven Hoornaert, Dirk Van den Poel

The purpose of this paper is to study consumer engagement as a dynamic, iterative process in the context of TV shows. A theoretical framework involving the central…

Stakeholder engagement in intra- and inter-organizational innovation: Exploring antecedents of engagement in service ecosystems

Julia M. Jonas, Julian Boha, David Sörhammar, Kathrin M. Moeslein

To further extend the understanding of multidimensional engagement of stakeholders embedded in service systems, the purpose of this paper is to explore the antecedents…

Engagement within a service system: a fuzzy set analysis in a higher education setting

Max Sim, Jodie Conduit, Carolin Plewa

Despite recognition that organizations operate in interrelated service systems, extant literature has focused strongly on dyadic engagement relationships (e.g…

Dynamics and drivers of customer engagement: within the dyad and beyond

Julia A. Fehrer, Herbert Woratschek, Claas Christian Germelmann, Roderick J. Brodie

The purpose of this paper is to extend existing engagement research in two directions: first, it operationalizes the dynamic nature of the engagement process within a…

Conceptualizing negatively valenced influencing behavior: forms and triggers

Jaylan Azer, Matthew J. Alexander

The purpose of this paper is to show how customers engage in negatively valenced influencing behavior (NVIB) and what triggers customers to use different forms of NVIB in…

Actor engagement valence: Conceptual foundations, propositions and research directions

Loic Pengtao Li, Biljana Juric, Roderick J. Brodie

Valence is one of the key dimensions underlying actor engagement, yet there is limited research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept. The purpose of…

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