Journal of Service Management: Volume 28 Issue 3


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The impact of language style accommodation during social media interactions on brand trust

Ana Jakic, Maximilian Oskar Wagner, Anton Meyer

Social media encourage interactions between customers and brands. Concerning the cues utilized during social media interactions, verbal cues (i.e. the language used) gain…

Internet of Things: understanding trust in techno-service systems

Tracy Harwood, Tony Garry

The characteristics of the Internet of Things (IoT) are such that traditional models of trust developed within interpersonal, organizational, virtual and information…

Business service outsourcing in manufacturing firms: an event study

Andreas Eggert, Eva Böhm, Christina Cramer

Many manufacturing firms entrust partners to provide services on their behalf. However, it is not clear whether and when firms can capture the potential value advantages…

Consumer control in service recovery: beyond decisional control

Herm Joosten, Josée Bloemer, Bas Hillebrand

Focusing on decisional control of the outcome provides only a partial picture of how firms may handle customer complaints and ignores many (alternative) opportunities to…

Why are Generation Y consumers the most likely to complain and repurchase?

Raquel Reis Soares, Ting Ting (Christina) Zhang, João F. Proença, Jay Kandampully

The purpose of this paper is twofold: to examine generational differences in complaint and post-recovery behaviors after service failures and recoveries, and to…

“Supersize me!” The effects of cognitive effort and goal frame on the persuasiveness of upsell offers

Wibke Heidig, Daniel Wentzel, Torsten Tomczak, Annika Wiecek, Martin Faltl

In many industries, customers are offered the opportunity to revise their initial decision in return for a superior but more expensive service option, a selling technique…

Motivational bases for consumers’ underdog affection in commerce

Lee Phillip McGinnis, Tao Gao, Sunkyu Jun, James Gentry

The understanding of the motives for consumers’ support of business underdogs is generally limited. The purpose of this paper is to help address this important research…

Articulating the service concept in professional service firms

Ahmad Beltagui, Kjartan Sigurdsson, Marina Candi, Johann C.K.H. Riedel

The purpose of this paper is to propose a solution to the challenges of professional service firms (PSF), which are referred to as cat herding, opaque quality and lack of…

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