Journal of Service Management: Volume 27 Issue 4


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Explaining social exchanges in information-based online communities (IBOCs)

Sabine Benoit (née Moeller), Nicola Bilstein, Jens Hogreve, Christina Sichtmann

The purpose of this paper is to scrutinize platforms for members to exchange information by information-based online communities (IBOCs, like LinkedIn or Facebook)…

Coordinating online health communities for cognitive and affective value creation

Sarah Van Oerle, Dominik Mahr, Annouk Lievens

The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework investigating patterns of online health communities. In particular, the study draws on coordination theory to identify…

Perceived prevalence and personal impact of negative online reviews

Graham L. Bradley, Beverley A. Sparks, Karin Weber

Technological advancement and growth in social media have meant that customers are increasingly using the internet to write a review or express opinions about products and…

Surface-acting outcomes among service employees with two jobs: Investigating moderation and mediation effects

Gianfranco Walsh, Jason J. Dahling, Mario Schaarschmidt, Simon Brach

Service firms increasingly hire employees that work two or more jobs. Drawing on conservation of resources (COR) theory and the notion that employees have finite emotional…

Value cocreation at its peak: the asymmetric relationship between coproduction and loyalty

Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer, Ursula Scholl-Grissemann, Karin Teichmann, Martin Wetzels

Coproduction, as one component of cocreation of value, offers many benefits to customers and management, but also requires customers to invest a considerable amount of…

The impact of customer value types on customer outcomes for different retail formats

Kim Willems, Sara Leroi-Werelds, Gilbert Swinnen

The purpose of this paper is to profile grocery retailers in terms of seven value types based on Holbrook’s value typology; to link these value types to three key outcomes…

Innovation in service ecosystems: An empirical study of the integration of values, brands, service systems and experience rooms

Kotaiba Aal, Laura Di Pietro, Bo Edvardsson, Maria Francesca Renzi, Roberta Guglielmetti Mugion

The purpose of this paper is to extend the understanding of innovation in service ecosystems by focussing on the role of values resonance in relation to the integration of…

Systems, networks, and ecosystems in service research

Sergio Barile, Robert Lusch, Javier Reynoso, Marialuisa Saviano, James Spohrer

The purpose of this paper is to create awareness on the need for lifting up the level of analysis in service research by focusing on systems, networks, and ecosystems to…

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