Journal of Service Management: Volume 27 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Enhancing theory development in service research

Guest Editors: Professor Anders Gustafsson and Professor Roderick J. Brodie

Enhancing theory development in service research

Roderick J. Brodie, Anders Gustafsson

The purpose of this paper is to explore enhancing theory development in service research and provide an overview of the five essays on theorizing initiated by the…

Developing service research – paving the way to transdisciplinary research

Anders Gustafsson, Claes Högström, Zoe Radnor, Margareta Friman, Kristina Heinonen, Elina Jaakkola, Cristina Mele

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how service, as an interdisciplinary area of research, can increase its potential for transdisciplinary contributions from the…

Linking service design to value creation and service research

Tor Wallin Andreassen, Per Kristensson, Line Lervik-Olsen, A Parasuraman, Janet R McColl-Kennedy, Bo Edvardsson, Maria Colurcio

– The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework for understanding service design and how service design relates to central concepts within service marketing.

Reflections on context in service research

Chris Voss, Helen Perks, Rui Sousa, Lars Witell, Nancy V. Wünderlich

– The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature of context and its implications for theory and research in service.

Building on the past: advancing theory in services through meta-analysis

Chiara Orsingher, Jens Hogreve, Andrea Ordanini

– The purpose of this paper is to offer a reflection on the role that meta-analysis can play in theory building for service phenomena.

Billions of impoverished people deserve to be better served: A call to action for the service research community

Raymond P P. Fisk, Laurel Anderson, David E. Bowen, Thorsten Gruber, Amy Ostrom, Lia Patrício, Javier Reynoso, Roberta Sebastiani

The purpose of this paper is to create a movement within the service research community that aspires to help the billions of impoverished people across the world achieve…

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