Journal of Service Management: Volume 26 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Internationalization and International Service Management

Guest Editors: Professor Nelson Oly Ndubisi and Professor Rajan Nataraajan

Innovation strategy and performance of international technology services ventures: The moderating effect of structural autonomy

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Celine Marie Capel, Gibson C Ndubisi

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the moderating role of structural autonomy in the relationship between innovation strategy and performance of international…

Global business services: Increasing specialization and integration of the world economy as drivers of economic growth

Jochen Wirtz, Sven Tuzovic, Michael Ehret

The purpose of this paper is to explore the contribution of global business services (GBS) to improve productivity and economic growth of the world economy, which has gone…

Impact of country effects on the performance of service firms

B Elango, Jamie R. Wieland

Understanding the impact of country effect on financial performance is important for service firms as they continue to grow and operate across national borders. The…

Domestic versus offshore service providers: The impact of cost, time, and quality sacrifices on consumer choice

Andrew M. Forman, Shawn Thelen, Terri Shapiro

Prior research has determined that consumers are opposed to services offshoring. The purpose of this paper is to determine the likelihood that consumers would choose a…

Modes of customer co-production for international service offerings

Scott E. Sampson, R. Bruce Money

Much has been written about the manifestations and managerial implications of customer co-production in service offerings. However, there have been relatively few…

Driver turnover research: exploring the missing angle with a global perspective

Daniel Sersland, Rajan Nataraajan

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and contribute to the understanding of the critical issue of “driver turnover” in the USA long-haul trucking environment which…

Understanding the usage of global social networking sites by Arabs through the lens of uses and gratifications theory

Ibrahim M Al-Jabri, M. Sadiq Sohail, Nelson Oly Ndubisi

The purpose of this paper is to increase understanding of the determinants and usage of global technology services in Saudi Arabia. The technology under investigation is…

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