Journal of Service Management: Volume 20 Issue 3


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Why service recovery fails: Tensions among customer, employee, and process perspectives

Stefan Michel, David Bowen, Robert Johnston

The keys to effective service recovery are familiar to many throughout industry and academia. Nevertheless, overall customer satisfaction after a failure has not improved…

Management of sales advisers and service climate: an experiment

Juliet F. Poujol

Although experts agree on the importance of service quality, sales force management practices are often far from conforming to their recommendations. The current use of…

A comprehensive model of customer trust in two retail stores

Paolo Guenzi, Michael D. Johnson, Sandro Castaldo

The purpose of this paper is to develop and test a comprehensive model of customer trust in a retail service setting. Three levels of the customer‐to‐store relationship…

Loyalty building, relational trade‐offs and key service employees: the case of radio DJs

Alessandro Arbore, Paolo Guenzi, Andrea Ordanini

Interpersonal relationships can be a key success factor in many service businesses. A capable disc jockey, for example, may help a radio station in improving customer…

Pricing objectives and their antecedents in the services sector

Kostis Indounas, George J. Avlonitis

The purpose of this paper is to provide insights into how service firms price the services that they render in the market. In particular, the association between the…

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