International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 6 Issue 4


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The Impact of Manager Influence Tactics on Innovation Implementation of a Knowledge Management System

Holly Chiu, Joshua Fogel

Innovations can bring desired benefits to organizations if implemented successfully. Managers are a critical factor for influencing employee attitudes and behavior for adoption of…

How can Industry use the Innovation Potential of Universities and Research Institutes? Systematization, Evaluation, and New Development of Transfer Strategies Based on the Theory of Knowledge at the Interface between Companies and Science

Fritjof Karnani

A significant potential of information, knowledge, and experience is present at universities and research institutes. In view of growing competitive and innovation pressures…

The Evolution of Interactivity - New Insights into Innovation System Change and the Role of the State

Benjamin Miethling

The theoretical framework of innovation systems has been intensively studied over the last decades. The analysis of the network of interactions between institutions, actors, and…

Decision Making in Brazil and Emerging Technologies: The Case of 18F-FDG

Willy de Sousa

The article recalls the history of the development of Fluor FDG in Brazil. Important facts that impacted this development and how this technology evolved considering a time span…

Herbert Simon on organizational decision-making for long-term survival

Nathan Harter

This essay summarizes the Harry Camp Lectures of Herbert Simon as they pertain to organizational decision-making. Organizations struggle to survive in ways not unlike organisms in…

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