International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 6 Issue 1


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Factors Affecting the Use of Outside, Intermittent Resources during NPD

Tucker Marion, Sebastian Fixson

Information technology, globalization, and digital design have all contributed to the changing composition of new product development (NPD). These developments have led to a…

Knowledge Integration in Distributed Product Development

Jonas Rundquist

Research has indicated that small and medium sized firms (SMEs) play an important role in the growth of the economy. However, in order to be able to compete at an international…

Modularization vs. Innovation

Lorenzo Fiorineschi, Paolo Rissone, Federico Rotini

This paper argues the relationship between modularity and product innovation. The work is based on the assumption that in order to become an innovation, a novel product has to be…

Elements of Sustainable Business Models

Tapani Talonen, Kari Hakkarainen

The authors present the elements constituting an advantageous business model, and suggest how to achieve that competitive edge. They argue that traditional innovation processes…

The Liminality of Creative illness

Nathan Harter

Henri Ellenberger argued that in many instances, illness serves as an integral stage in the creative process. This paper begins by contrasting the simplistic image of…

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