International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Immanuel Kant Revisited - A Note on the U.S. Innovation Policy

E. Andersson, Bjarne Jansson, Jan Lundblad

A fundamental discussion is lacking in the current document on U.S innovation policy from the National Research Council [1] of how invalid innovation styles and business cultures…

Management Development in Small Firms: Understanding the Learning Dilemma for Small Business Managers

Joakim Tell, Jonas Gabrielsson

In this study, we link discussions about management development in small firms to the work environment of small business managers. In particular, our aim is to examine management…

Inadequate Investment Impacting India's Innovation Returns - A Perspective

Kaushik Banerjee, Rahul Thakurta

Continuous innovation is critical for the sustainability and development of any society. Innovations should be focused not only at solving the existing needs of the society, but…

Knowledge Management Systems and Human Resource Management Policies for Innovation Benchmarking: a Study of ST Ericsson

Klaus Søilen, Gerson Tontini

This paper shows in theory how a knowledge management system can be built as a human resource management (HRM) function. The solution builds on the notion of innovation…

Applying Principles of Innovation to Curriculum Revision

Robert O'Keefe

This paper expresses the author's point of view that principles and concepts traditionally identified with Industrial Innovation can be productively applied to activities that are…

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