International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Innovative Atmosphere Relating to Success Factors of Entrepreneurial Managers in the Organization Agility-An Empirical Study

Rameshwar Dubey, Sachin Ghai

In this study the relationship between the role of innovative intermediaries in a conversion leadership style and innovative behavior of managers and staff is investigated…

The Utilisation of Private Sector Governance Paradigms for the Development and Implementation of Innovations in the Public Sector

MA Smith, AP Starkey

This paper considers key factors which have an impact on the development and implementation of innovations in the public sector and explores how beneficial elements of private…

Innovative Problem Solving: The Next Big Thing

Jim Harrington, Frank Voehl

The age of innovation is here. In most business organizations, creativity is a means to an end, which is innovation. Creativity is the process of generating something new that has…

The Yield of an Open Innovation Arena for Occupational Health and Safety Ideas in the Swedish Construction Industry

E. Roland Andersson, Jan Lundblad, Bjarne Jansson

The rationale behind our approach was that product innovations in occupational health and safety originate from radical innovation processes where ideas are tested naturally…

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