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Orchestrating firm-specific resource integration to achieve customer service performance: an investigation in the hotel context

Gilang Puspita Rini, Amie Kusumawardhani

This study aims to identify factors that can improve customer service performance by verifying the relationships between these factors, such as customer orientation, firm-specific…

Authentically flown to innovation: authentically triggered innovative work behavior through flow at work with moderating role of creative self-efficacy

Laiba Kafeel, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Syed Saad Ahmed

The study aims to explore the mediating role of flow at work and moderating role of creative self-efficacy in the relationship between authentic leadership and innovative work…

Consumer adoption study for innovative technology products and services in an emerging economy

Anshu Sharma, Aradhana Vikas Gandhi

This study aims to explore the adoption behaviour of consumers towards innovative technology products and services (ITPS).

Environmental pressures and eco-innovation in manufacturing SMEs: the mediating effect of environmental capabilities

Khalid Mady, Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim, Khatijah Omar, Mohamed Battour, Reda Shaker Abdelkareem

Although environmental pressures have been covered in great detail in prior literature as the drivers of eco-innovation, there remains inconsistency in the empirical results…

Stimulating innovation performance through knowledge-oriented leadership and knowledge sharing: the moderating role of market turbulence

Phong Ba Le, Yen Hai Do

Due to the vital role of innovation for firms to respond to the change and achieve competitive advantage, the purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of…

The identification and classification of contributing factors to technical knowledge valuation at the related commercialisation level using the hierarchical analysis

Mohammad Hossein Zolfaghar Arani, Mahmoud Lari Dashtbayaz, Mahdi Salehi

This study aims to determine the contributing factors to technical knowledge valuation at the related quadruple levels of commercialisation, including the idea, benchtop technical…

Organizational innovation and business model innovation: bridges from a systematic literature review

Ricardo Benjamín Perilla Maluche, Luis Antonio Orozco Castro

The purpose of this paper is to create a model that connects drivers between organizational innovation and business model innovation (BMI) to guide empirical research and the…

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