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A study on emerging trends in Indian startup ecosystem: big data, crowd funding, shared economy

Sagar Lotan Chaudhari, Manish Sinha

India ranks third in the global startup ecosystem in the world incubating more than 50,000 startups and witnessing 15% YoY growth per year. Being a center of innovation and…


Digital transformation: challenges faced by organizations and their potential solutions

Chinmay Shahi, Manish Sinha

Digital transformation is the way forward for all businesses. The technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the companies need to adapt to the change, not just to take advantage…


Benchmarking model for culture of urban traffic-safety management in India: interpretive structural modeling framework

Vishal Pradhan, Sonali Bhattacharya

Researchers have studied processes of improving road traffic-safety culture by explicitly evaluating the socio-psychological phenomenon of traffic-risk. The implicit…

Determination and ranking of factors that are important in selecting an over-the-top video platform service among millennial consumers

Shiva Koul, Suhas Suresh Ambekar, Manoj Hudnurkar

The purpose of this paper is to determine, rank and form composite relational factors that impact the millennial consumer’s mind-set when they opt for an access-based subscription…


Prediction of longitudinal facial crack in steel thin slabs funnel mold using different machine learning algorithms

Kushalkumar Thakkar, Suhas Suresh Ambekar, Manoj Hudnurkar

Longitudinal facial cracks (LFC) are one of the major defects occurring in the continuous-casting stage of thin slab caster using funnel molds. Longitudinal cracks occur mainly…

Predicting the inpatient hospital cost using a machine learning approach

Suraj Kulkarni, Suhas Suresh Ambekar, Manoj Hudnurkar

Increasing health-care costs are a major concern, especially in the USA. The purpose of this paper is to predict the hospital charges of a patient before being admitted. This will…

Significant household factors that influence an IT employees’ job effectiveness while on work from home

Vivek Sridhar, Sanjay Bhattacharya

The purpose of this study is to find out the significant factor/s relating to an information technology (IT) employee’s household that determines the job effectiveness of an…


Impact of purchasing practices, supplier relationships and use of information technology on firm performance

Suhas Suresh Ambekar, Umesh Deshmukh, Manoj Hudnurkar

The study aims to establish an impact of supplier relationship and information and communication technology through purchasing practices on firm performance.

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