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Novel and practical idea generation: Consumer-to-consumer interactive behaviors and brand knowledge

Chih-Huei Ko, Sou-Chin Wu, Chien-Yu Chen

Numerous studies have examined individual attitudes and behaviors in both face-to-face (FTF) communication and computer-mediated communication (CMC). However, little research has…

Team-member exchange and innovative work behaviour: The role of psychological empowerment and creative self-efficacy

Vinit Ghosh, Manaswita Bharadwaja, Sresha Yadav, Gaurav Kabra

In the context of team's influence on its members, this paper aims to investigate the effects of team-member exchange (TMX) on members' innovative work behaviour (IWB). The…


The synergetic effect of knowledge management and business model innovation on firm competence: A systematic review

Makhmoor Bashir, Rayees Farooq

The purpose of this paper is to provide a systematic review of the linkage between knowledge management, business model innovation and firm competence. The study attempts to…


Research on the influencing factors of entrepreneurial intentions based on mediating effect of self-actualization

Yinhong Dong, Lilan Pang, Lili Fu

Using statistical analysis, this paper aims to understand and investigate the factors for starting a new company successfully. Indicators from the literature and the data analysis…

Communities of innovation

Michael Lim, Bee Yong Ong

This paper aims to increase our understanding of the nature and role of communities within organizations with regard to innovation management, the drivers of community innovation…

Complex network analysis for international talent mobility based on bibliometrics

Yinqiu Wang, Hui Luo, Yunyan` Shi

This paper aims to explore international talent mobility and identify its negative/positive factors.

Evolutionary game of knowledge sharing in master-apprentice pattern of innovative organization

Ruihua Wang

Knowledge sharing in a master-apprentice pattern is the process of transferring tacit knowledge from masters to apprentices. In addition, 90 per cent of knowledge required for…

Evaluation on innovation efficiency of successor of Chinese listed family business based on DEA

Qi Wang, Qiuming Wu

The purpose of this study was to measure the innovative performance of a managed and owned mainland Chinese family business. The objective of the study was to assist an inheritor…

Measuring innovation through a crowd source initiative

Fernando Almeida, Andrew John Kennedy, Brook Lin, Irina V. Nowak

This study aims to demonstrate the values and effects of innovation becomes a challenge when selecting clear and correlating measures. While there is extensive research in the…

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