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Absorptive capacity and cooperation evidence in innovation from public policies for innovation

Dulcineia Catarina Moura, Maria José Madeira, Filipe A.P. Duarte, João Carvalho, Orlando Kahilana

The purpose of this paper is to better understand whether firm cooperation and absorptive capacity foster success in seeking public financial support for innovation activities…

Social innovation in sport: the creation of Santa Cruz as a world surfing reserve

Vanessa Ratten

Nature-based sports such as surfing play an important role in the social harmony of regions, as they provide a way to protect the environment while incorporating a business…

Intrinsically motivating idiosyncratic deals and innovative work behaviour

Andrew Kimwolo, Thomas Cheruiyot

This paper aims to determine the effect of intrinsically motivating idiosyncratic deals (I-deals) on innovative work behaviour (IWB) among tied life insurance agents in Kenya.

Innovation capabilities and performance: are they truly linked in SMEs?

Gonzalo Maldonado-Guzmán, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Sandra Yesenia Pinzón-Castro, Vikas Kumar

In an environment where business uncertainty is the norm, developing innovation capability in an organisation is increasingly important. The purpose of this paper is to…


The moderating role of cultural factors in the adoption of mobile banking in Brazil

Alexandre da C. Goularte, Silvia Novaes Zilber

This study aims to evaluate the impact of country culture, represented by Hofstede cultural dimensions, in the adoption of Brazilian mobile banking services.


Enhancing organizational innovation in Indian automobile industry

Akriti Chaubey, Chandan Kumar Sahoo

This study aims to focus on examining the impact of transformational leadership on employee creativity to enhance organizational innovation through mediating effect of intrinsic…

NPD process formality across global regions

Kenneth B. Kahn

The paper aims to address the issue of generalizability by examining process formality across the global regions of North America, Europe and Asia. A common prescription in the…

Disguising diversification for innovation

Michal Lysek

Axis, HMS and Sectra are three Swedish companies whose managers argue that you should never be radical on two fronts: creating new products for new markets at the same time. This…

Developing a conceptual framework of knowledge management

Rayees Farooq

Knowledge management is a function of learning orientation, knowledge sharing, organizational memory and knowledge reuse. This paper aims to endeavor to explore a link between…

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