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Learning behind glass walls: learning style and partition-room, is there a correlation?

Dilek Düştegör, Mariam A. Elhussein, Amani Alghamdi, Naya Nagy

This study aims to investigate how a very particular learning environment, namely, partition rooms, affect students’ teaching experience and further explore if students’ learning…

Multi-actor innovation in the music industry: a state of the art review

Harriman Samuel Saragih, Togar Mangihut Simatupang, Yos Sunitiyoso

This study aims to present a state-of-the-art review pertaining to the topic of multi-actor innovation in the music industry. Because of the changing nature of the marketing…

Stimulating idea generation for new product applications

Lorenzo Fiorineschi, Francesco Saverio Frillici, Giovanni Gregori, Federico Rotini

This paper aims to provide suggestions for the identification of potential new applications for the existing products and/or technologies.

Developing competencies to lead innovation in Indian manufacturing: an education model

Partha Priya Datta

This paper aims to explore the implementation of an innovation in an executive education programme in the context of the Indian manufacturing industry. This paper presents an…

Innovation ecosystems: a meta-synthesis

Marcos Ferasso, Adriana R. Wunsch Takahashi, Fernando A. Prado Gimenez

This metasynthesis aims to build a theory on the concept of innovation ecosystem from the state of the art of qualitative case studies available in indexed scientific production…


Open data hackathons: an innovative strategy to enhance entrepreneurial intention

Fotis Kitsios, Maria Kamariotou

In terms of entrepreneurship, open data benefits include economic growth, innovation, empowerment and new or improved products and services. Hackathons encourage the development…

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