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Table Of Contents: Volume 10 Issue 2

How data analytics is changing entrepreneurial opportunities?

Soraya Sedkaoui

The rise of big data and analytics companies has significantly changed the business playground. Big data and the use of data analytics are being adopted more frequently…

Academy–industry linking capabilities as a determinant of innovation

Leslie Garcia-Montijo, Alonso Perez-Soltero

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the importance of the linkage between academia and industry from a business perspective. The analysis focuses on the impact…

The entrepreneurial profile of Brazilian business administration students

Marcelo Amaral, Cecília Toledo Hernandez, Marcellus Henrique Rodrigues Bastos

This study aims to focus on the entrepreneurial education and profile in undergraduate business administration programs in Brazil, particularly in the southern region of…

A conceptual model of knowledge sharing

Rayees Farooq

The purpose of the study is to develop a conceptual model of knowledge sharing and how knowledge sharing is linked to business performance. The study proposes basic…

Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions: an international cross-border study

Cristina Fernandes, João J. Ferreira, Mário Raposo, José Sanchez, Brizeida Hernandez–Sanchez

This paper aims to study the effects of cross-border psychological determinants among students of two Iberian universities (Portugal and Spain) on entrepreneurial intentions.

An entrepreneurial venture’s growth within Thai university

Sutti Sooampon

This study aims to investigate growth stage of an entrepreneurial venture born within Thai university and also to explore the future growth strategy which is formulated by…

Innovative start-ups: challenges and development opportunities in Latvia

Veronika Bikse, Inese Lusena – Ezera, Baiba Rivza

The purpose of this study is to identify the problems and possibilities for development of innovative start-ups in Latvia.

Academic consulting – income stream, impact and brand building

Heidi Kinnunen, Emmi Holm, Anna-Maria Nordman, Solveig Roschier

Universities are expected to accelerate and optimize their role as economic growth engines. Technology transfer is a traditional way of expanding knowledge exchange, and…

Impact of the EIT in the creation of an open educational ecosystem: UPM experience

Gonzalo León, José Manuel Leceta, Alberto Tejero

This paper aims to present an impact analysis in the educational dimension of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and specifically on its “knowledge…



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