International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Defining Your Innovation Model: 10 Facets of Innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

In any business process a firm begins with a concept or model of how it hopes to accomplish its goals to provide value to customers and participate in market successfully. This…

Building New Knowledge and the Role of Synthesis in Innovation

Bill Burnett

We innovate to create competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is found in new knowledge, which solves the buyer's problem. Humans create new knowledge in three ways: through…

Democratizing Innovation: The Evolving Phenomenon of User Innovation

Eric von Hippel

Almost 30 years ago, researchers began a systematic study of innovation by end users and user firms. At that time, the phenomenon was generally regarded as a minor oddity. Today…


The Innovation Infrastructure

Langdon Morris

In a world of progressively more difficult business conditions, the capacity to innovate remains one of the most important attributes of all organizations. It's not, however…

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