Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care: Volume 4 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Global mental health: problems and solutions

Guest Editors: Professor Kwame McKenzie, Denise Canso

Improving access to mental health care in Kenya

David M. Ndetei, Patrick Gatonga

The aim of this paper is to review the history of mental health service improvement in Kenya, to discuss current provision of services, challenges to the provision of services and…


Mental health services in Jamaica: from institution to community

Wendel Abel, Clayton Sewell, Eulalee Thompson, Teisha Brown

The aim of this paper is to review strategies implemented to improve access to mental health care in Jamaica.

Mental health interventions in Canada for migrants affected by state‐sanctioned violence: an effectiveness study

Athena Madan

This paper aims to describe the effectiveness of mental health interventions for migrants affected by extreme political violence.

“Something in our hearts”: challenges to mental health among urban Mayan women in post‐war Guatemala

Paula Godoy‐Paiz, Brenda Toner, Carolina Vidal

This paper aims to examine the long‐term mental health consequences of war from the perspectives of urban Mayan women in post‐war Guatemala.

Medication assisted therapy (MAT) and substance use disorders in Tanzania

Pamela Kaduri, Jessie Mbwambo, Frank Masao, Gad Kilonzo

Substance use is among the risk factors associated with both HIV/AIDS and non communicable diseases (NCDs). The aim of this paper is to describe the development of the medication…


Building primary health care capacity to address addiction and mental health inequities: lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean

Akwatu Khenti, Jaime C. Sapag, Consuelo Garcia‐Andrade, Fernando Poblete, Ana Raquel Santiago de Lima, Andres Herrera, Pablo Diaz, Henok Amare, Avra Selick, Sandra Reid

Since 2002, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Ontario, Canada, has been working closely with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to implement mental…


Globalising mental health: a neo‐liberal project

Sami Timimi

The paper's aim is to review how relevant the World Health Organisation's Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) initiative is to mental health care in non‐Western societies.




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