Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care: Volume 2 Issue 2


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The early experience of consultant psychiatrists in application of the Mental Capacity Act: issues for black and minority individuals

Ajit Shah, Natalie Banner, Karen Newbigging, Chris Heginbotham, Bill Fulford

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) was fully implemented in October 2007 in England and Wales. This article reports on two similar, but separate, pilot questionnaire studies that…

A randomised trial of ethnicity and stigmatised attitudes towards learning disability and alcoholism

Gottfried Asamoah, Sabu Varughese, Salman Mushtaq, Linda Butterworth, Abu Abraham, Jason Luty

Tackling discrimination, stigma and inequalities in mental health is a major UK government objective. Surveys have suggested that mental health services are institutionally…

Unchaining Prometheus: Does a caste allocation hypothesis begin to explain the pervasive effects of diagnostic labelling and stigma on service users?

David Coote

One of the aims of this review will be to draw upon Wright and colleagues' (2000) claim that the ‘labelling’ field needs theoretical development. By comparing and contrasting the…

Zero tolerance in general practice: a policy in conflict?

Hilary Paniagua, Patricia Bond, David Sallah

Workplace violence is a serious problem within the National Health Service (NHS). To combat this and to reduce the incidence of abuse and aggression shown to staff, a zero…

Equipping managers to lead a diverse workforce

Blair McPherson

Managers often lack the skills and confidence to deal with issues of everyday management such as poor attendance, failure to meet agreed deadlines or to reach required standards…




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