Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care: Volume 1 Issue 1


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A historical perspective of cultural competence

Kwame McKenzie

Knowing the origins of a concept can help to explain its form. Knowing the history of the struggle to get concepts such as cultural competence acknowledged can help us to…


Care, artistry and what might be

Yasmin Gunaratnam

This paper provides a critical examination of cultural competence approaches, using the findings of a development project in the black voluntary sector that aimed to…


Preventing avoidable glaucoma blindness in African‐Caribbeans

Peter Shah, Freda Sii, Vinette Cross

Glaucoma is a blinding disease which disproportionately affects some communities, particularly African‐Caribbeans. The ‘ReGAE’ project: Research into Glaucoma and…

The ABC (and DE) of cultural competence in clinical care

Rani Srivastava

Although the need for cultural competence in clinical care has been well articulated for over four decades, the goal of integrating and addressing cultural issues in care…


Cultural, racial and ethnic competence and psychiatric diagnosis

Carl Bell, Johnny Williamson, Peter Chien

The authors review the call for cultural competence in psychiatric diagnosis and highlight the barrier of ‘monocultural ethnocentrism’ ‐ the tendency to presume that…


Masculinity and emasculation for black men in modern mental health care

Mick McKeown, Steve Robertson, Zemikael Habte‐Mariam, Mark Stowell‐Smith

This paper reports on key findings from the practice survey wing of a broader knowledge review into mental health advocacy with African and Caribbean men funded by the…


Training to redress racial disadvantage in mental health care: race equality or cultural competence?

Joanna Bennett, Frank Keating

It has been acknowledged that the disparities and inequalities for black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in mental health in the United Kingdom (UK) has reached such…


Personal experience of cultural competence

Lloyd Lindsay

Lloyd Lindsay is a researcher and writer who spent time as a mental health service user in different London hospitals. He spent about a month in Elliot Ward at Ealing…


The Count Me In census: what it tells us and what it does not

Kwame McKenzie

On or around the 31 March each year all psychiatric units in the UK undertake the Count Me In census. Now in its fourth year and with 100% of units in England taking part…


Exploring the contribution of general practice to the mental well‐being of black men

Richard Williams

Despite contemporary concerns arising from high levels of serious mental illness in this group, there is no convincing evidence that the mental well‐being of black men is…



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