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Table of contents - Special Issue: Low-carbon Transition Path of Power Industry under the Background of Carbon Neutrality

Guest Editors: Xiongfeng Pan, Jia Liu, Xianyou Pan

Near-zero carbon stochastic dispatch optimization model for power-to-gas-based virtual power plant considering information gap status theory

Liwei Ju, Zhe Yin, Qingqing Zhou, Li Liu, Yushu Pan, Zhongfu Tan

This study aims to form a new concept of power-to-gas-based virtual power plant (GVPP) and propose a low-carbon economic scheduling optimization model for GVPP considering carbon…

Analysis of nonlinear evolution mechanism of power technology progress under the constraints of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions in China

Huaihua Zheng

Striving to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality before 2060 indicates that China, as the most extensive power system in the world and a country based on coal power, is…

Could green finance facilitate low-carbon transformation of power generation? Some evidence from China

Ziqiang Lin, Xianchun Liao, Haoran Jia

The decarbonization of power generation is key to achieving carbon neutrality in China by the end of 2060. This paper aims to examine how green finance influences China’s…


Study on the influence of carbon trading pilot policy on energy efficiency in power industry

Shiqian Hu, Dan Li, Xiaodan Wang

To cope with climate change and achieve the dual carbon goal, China has actively promoted the implementation of carbon trading pilot policy, among which the power industry plays…


The evolution of electric technology in the context of China’s low-carbon transformation: a patent analysis

Ruifeng Hu, Weiqiao Xu, Yalin Yang

Owing to increased energy demands, China has become the world’s top CO2 emitter, with electricity generation accounting for the majority of emissions. Therefore, the Chinese…

Research on the synergies between low-carbon pilot city policy and high-speed railways in improving Chinese urban electricity efficiency

Yu Chen, Di Jin, Changyi Zhao

Global climate change is a serious threat to the survival and development of mankind. Reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality are the keys to reducing greenhouse…

Research on the emission reduction effects of carbon trading mechanism on power industry: plant-level evidence from China

Yonghui Han, Shuting Tan, Chaowei Zhu, Yang Liu

Carbon trading mechanism has been adopted to foster the green transformation of the economy on a global scale, but its effectiveness for the power industry remains controversial…


Influence mechanism of technological innovation of electric power industry on carbon emission reduction in China

Ming Yang, Duoxiang Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Xiaomiao Lei, Linxiang Cao

This study aims to analyse the scientific relationship between technological innovation and carbon emissions. Taking the Chinese electric power industry as the empirical research…

The spatial-temporal evolution analysis of carbon emission of China's thermal power industry based on the three-stage SBM—DEA model

Guoquan Xu, Shiwei Feng, Shucen Guo, Xiaolan Ye

China has proposed two-stage goals of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060. The carbon emission reduction effect of the power industry, especially the thermal…

China’s power industry’s carbon emission intensity in the context of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality: measurement and regional difference

Pinjie Xie, Baolin Sun, Li Liu, Yuwen Xie, Fan Yang, Rong Zhang

To cope with the severe situation of the global climate, China proposed the “30 60” dual-carbon strategic goal. Based on this background, the purpose of this paper is to…

The current situation, development aims and policy recommendation of China’s electric power industry

Shan Chen, Yuandi Wang, Hongping Du, Zhiyu Cui

Although the tasks of managing carbon peaks and achieving carbon neutrality in China are arduous, they are also of great significance, which highlights China’s determination and…

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