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Climate change and extremes: implications on city livability and associated health risks across the globe

Walter Leal Filho, Liza Tuladhar, Chunlan Li, Abdul-Lateef Babatunde Balogun, Marina Kovaleva, Ismaila Rimi Abubakar, Hossein Azadi, Felix Kwabena Kwabena Donkor

As global warming intensifies, climatic conditions are changing dramatically, potentially affecting specific businesses and cities’ livability. The temperature increase in cities…


Climate change, extreme events and mental health in the Pacific region

Walter Leal Filho, Murukesan Krishnapillai, Aprajita Minhas, Sannia Ali, Gabriela Nagle Alverio, Medhat Sayed Hendy Ahmed, Roselyn Naidu, Ravinesh R. Prasad, Navjot Bhullar, Ayyoob Sharifi, Gustavo J. Nagy, Marina Kovaleva

This paper aims to address a gap in investigating specific impacts of climate change on mental health in the Pacific region, a region prone to extreme events. This paper reports…


Climate risk, climate risk distance and foreign direct investment

Zhaopeng Xing, Yawen Wang

Climate risk greatly increases the risk exposure of global investments. Both the climate risks of home countries and host countries may affect international investment behaviors…


Greenhouse gas emissions and stock market volatility: an empirical analysis of OECD countries

Jung Hee Noh, Heejin Park

This study aims to explore empirical evidence of the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on stock market volatility.


Coping with floods: impacts, preparedness and resilience capacity of Greek micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in flood-affected areas

Antonis Skouloudis, Walter Leal Filho, Georgios Deligiannakis, Panagiotis Vouros, Ioannnis Nikolaou, Konstantinos Evangelinos

This paper aims to investigate aspects of flood experience, attitudes and responses of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Greece and to indicate a typology of…

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