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Effects of a changing climate on livelihoods of forest dependent communities: Evidence from Buyangu community proximal to Kakamega tropical rain forest in Kenya

Faith Nyangute Saalu, Silas Oriaso, Benjamin Gyampoh

Climate change and variability present different challenges to the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities. This paper aims to determine climate variability/change and its…


Sunshine, temperature and wind: Community risk assessment of climate change, indigenous knowledge and climate change adaptation planning in Ghana

Dramani J.M. File, Emmanuel Kanchebe Derbile

This paper aims to draw on community risk assessment (CRA) for assessing vulnerability to climate change in north-western Ghana, focusing on sunshine, temperature and wind…


Three-stage quantitative approach of understanding household adaptation decisions in rural Cambodia

Xi Jiao, Yuan Zheng, Zhen Liu

A better understanding of the processes that shape households’ adaptation decisions is essential for developing pertinent policies locally, thereby enabling better adaptation…


Household resilience to climate change hazards in Uganda

George Oriangi, Frederike Albrecht, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Yazidhi Bamutaze, Paul Isolo Mukwaya, Jonas Ardö, Petter Pilesjö

As climate change shocks and stresses increasingly affect urban areas in developing countries, resilience is imperative for the purposes of preparation, recovery and adaptation…


Construction of China’s low-carbon competitiveness evaluation system: A study based on provincial cross-section data

Yongjing Wang, Qingxin Lan, Feng Jiang, Chaofan Chen

As the contradiction between economic development, resource and environment has become increasingly prominent, low-carbon competitiveness has received worldwide focus. This study…


Does aging and off-farm employment hinder farmers’ adoption behavior of soil and water conservation technology in the Loess Plateau?

Xiaohui Huang, Qian Lu, Lili Wang, Maosen Cui, Fei Yang

Based on the survey data of 1,152 households in three provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia on the Loess Plateau, this paper aims to empirically analyze the impact of aging and…


Overcoming barriers to climate smart agriculture in India

Sunil Tankha, Denise Fernandes, N.C. Narayanan

This paper aims to report on a case in which encouraging climate-smart agriculture in the form of better irrigation techniques in India can contribute to both climate change…


Learning adaptation to climate change from past climate extremes:: Evidence from recent climate extremes in Haryana, India

Jeetendra Prakash Aryal, M.L. Jat, Tek Bahadur Sapkota, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Munmum Rai, Hanuman S. Jat, P.C. Sharma, Clare Stirling

Conservation agriculture-based wheat production system (CAW) can serve as an ex ante measure to minimize loss due to climate risks, especially the extreme rainfall during the…


Climate change vulnerability assessment for Can Tho city by a set of indicators

Huong Lan Thi Huynh, Anh Tien Do, Trang Minh Dao

The city of Can Tho, located on Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, has been identified as one of the nation’s most vulnerable sites for adverse climate change-induced impacts. Can Tho’s…

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