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Climate change and water governance in Saskatchewan, Canada

Margot Hurlbert, Harry Diaz, Darrell R. Corkal, Jim Warren

The purpose of this paper is to assess the successes and challenges of adaptation to climate change focusing on water governance institutions in Saskatchewan, a province located…


Climatic changes and groundwater resources in Africa

Samir Anwar Al‐Gamal, Youba Sokona, Abdel‐Kader Dodo

This paper aims to understand the impacts of climate changes on groundwater resources in the African continent in which groundwater components constitute one of the most…

The need for adaptive strategic planning: Sustainable management of risks associated with climate change

Hamid Mirfenderesk, David Corkill

The purpose of this paper is to explore the feasibility of developing an adaptive strategy to address the impact of climate change in the context of flooding.


Reduction of GHG emissions by geological storage of CO2: Anatomy of the Heartland Aquifer Redwater Carbon Capture and Geological Storage Project (HARP), Alberta, Canada

W.D. Gunter, Stefan Bachu, Maja Buschkuehle, Karsten Michael, Guillermo Ordorica‐Garcia, Tyler Hauck

The purpose of this paper is to identify and characterize a geological storage site at more than 800 m depth that is capable of storing large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) in…


Integrating local perspectives into climate change decision making in rural areas of the Canadian prairies

Lorena Patiño, David A. Gauthier

The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodological approach to assist and prepare rural community members to make policy makers better aware of their information needs.

Do high‐resolution fan delta records provide a useful tool for hazard assessment in mountain regions?

L. Schulte, R. Julià, H. Veit, F. Carvalho

The multidisciplinary Fluvalps‐3000 research project focuses on the variability of the Late Holocene and historical fluvial dynamics in alpine catchments. The purpose of this…

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