International Journal of Law in the Built Environment


Built Environment

Table Of Contents: Volume 7 Issue 1 - Special Issue: Law and Geography

Law, sex and the city: regulating sexual entertainment venues in England and Wales

Philip Hubbard

This paper aims to explore how municipal law, in its various guises, serves to police the boundaries of acceptable sexual conduct by considering how Sexual Entertainment…

Legal orderings of waste in built spaces

Kate Parizeau, Josh Lepawsky

– This paper aims to investigate by what means and to what ends waste, its materiality and its symbolic meanings are legally regulated in built environments.

Illegal geographies of the state: the legalisation of a “squatter” settlement in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Craig Hatcher

This paper aims to problematise the relation between “legality” and the state, through a case study analysis of law at work within the built environment. In doing so, the…

‘Temporary’ relocation: spaces of contradiction in South African law

Duncan Ranslem

This study aims to examine how temporary relocation areas (TRAs), urban forms that facilitate evictions and forced relocations, have been written into South African legal…

Grounding accumulation by dispossession in everyday life

Stuart Hodkinson, Chris Essen

This paper aims to ground Harvey’s (2003) top-down theory of “accumulation by dispossession” in the everyday lives of people and places with specific focus on the role of…



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