China Agricultural Economic Review: Volume 9 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Genetically engineered (GE) technology development, impact and policy

Guest Editors: Jikun Huang, Hugh Dang, Xiaobing Wang

Economic impacts of commercializing insect-resistant GM maize in China

Wei Xie, Tariq Ali, Qi Cui, Jikun Huang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential economic impacts of China’s insect-resistant GM maize and provide new evidence for decision making concerning its…

The value of a novel biotechnology: Lessons from Canada’s canola crop and implications for China

Derek Gerald Brewin, Stavroula Malla

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impacts of changing biotechnology and intellectual property rights (IPRs), institutions, and policies for Canadian crop…

Scientists’ attitudes toward agricultural GM technology development and GM food in China

Jikun Huang, Bowen Peng, Xiaobing Wang

Previous studies have mainly focused on public opinions regarding genetically modified (GM) technology and GM food. The purpose of this paper is to assess scientists…


Attitudes toward GM foods, biotechnology R&D investment and lobbying activities among agribusiness firms in the food, feed, chemical and seed industries in China

Haiyan Deng, Ruifa Hu, Jikun Huang, Carl Pray, Yanhong Jin, Zhonghua Li

Economic interest groups such as seed, pesticide, feed, and food companies play an important role in supporting or preventing the production of genetically modified (GM…

Changing attitudes toward genetically modified foods in urban China

Zhihao Zheng, Yang Gao, Yijing Zhang, Shida Henneberry

The purpose of this paper is to analyze changes in consumers’ knowledge and acceptance of genetically modified (GM) foods over the past decade and identifies the…

Can product-information disclosure increase Chinese consumer’s willingness to pay for GM foods? The case of Fad-3 GM lamb

Qihui Chen, Gaoshuai Liu, Yumei Liu

The purpose of this paper is to examine Chinese consumers’ level of perception of genetically modified (GM) foods and the determinants of their willingness to pay (WTP…

Impact of government science and technology policies with a focus on biotechnology research on commercial agricultural innovation in China

Yanhong Jin, Yahong Hu, Carl Pray, Ruifa Hu

The Chinese Government has used a number of policies to encourage commercial agribusiness firms to do more innovation. These include public sector agricultural research…

Promise, problems and prospects: agri-biotech governance in China, India and Japan

Jen Ma, Brad Gilmour, Hugh Dang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential of agri-biotech to play a role in meeting the world’s food, feed, fiber and fuel needs. Using case studies, policy…

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