China Agricultural Economic Review: Volume 12 Issue 3


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Impact of COVID-19 on China's macroeconomy and agri-food system – an economy-wide multiplier model analysis

Yumei Zhang, Xinshen Diao, Kevin Z. Chen, Sherman Robinson, Shenggen Fan

The purpose of this study is to assess the potential economic cost of the COVID-19 pandemic on China's macroeconomy and agri-food system and provide policy recommendations to…


The impact of epidemics on agricultural production and forecast of COVID-19

Shurui Zhang, Shuo Wang, Lingran Yuan, Xiaoguang Liu, Binlei Gong

This article investigates the mechanism of the direct and indirect effects of epidemics on agricultural production and projects the impact of COVID-19 on agricultural output in…


COVID-19, supply chain disruption and China’s hog market: a dynamic analysis

Yubin Wang, Jingjing Wang, Xiaoyang Wang

The authors explicitly evaluate the dynamic impact of five most concerned supply chain disruption scenarios, including: (1) a short-term shortage and price jump of corn supply in…


The impact of COVID-19 on food prices in China: evidence of four major food products from Beijing, Shandong and Hubei Provinces

Xiaohua Yu, Chang Liu, Hanjie Wang, Jan-Henning Feil

The purpose of this paper is to empirically study the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on food prices in China and provides policy implications for crisis…


The impact of online grocery shopping on stockpile behavior in Covid-19

Na Hao, H. Holly Wang, Qingjie Zhou

This research is to examine the impact of online channels on food stockpile behavior.


How to prevent a global food and nutrition security crisis under COVID-19?

Shenggen Fan, Wei Si, Yumei Zhang

The purposes of this paper are to review the impact on food and nutrition security of several pandemic emergencies and the 2018 food price crisis from a global perspective…


The peer effect of training on farmers' pesticides application: a spatial econometric approach

Li Zhou, Fan Zhang, Shudong Zhou, Calum G. Turvey

The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationships of technical training and the peer effects of technical training with farmers' pesticide use behaviors.

Is nutritional status associated with income growth? Evidence from Chinese adults

Yang Gao, Zhihao Zheng, Shida R. Henneberry

This study estimates the income elasticities of calorie, macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) and key micronutrients including cholesterol, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium…

How does farmers' field schooling impact eco-efficiency? Empirical evidence from paddy farmers in Bangladesh

Md. Sariful Islam, Sabiha Ferdousy, Sonia Afrin, Md. Nasif Ahsan, Mohammed Ziaul Haider, Debasish Kumar Das

Recent studies suggest extensive use of environmental resources in agrofarming degrades ecosystem significantly. In this backdrop, this study aims at assessing ecoefficiency of…

Thirty days are enough: what determines the crowd's cash time in agri-food crowdfunding?

Yaokuang Li, Junjuan Du, Weizhong Fu

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors influencing quick cash by crowd in agri-food crowdfunding campaigns; this paper utilizes prospect theory to analyze the…

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