Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 8 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Cold War and Marketing

Guest Editors: Mark Tadajewski

Marketing and the Cold War: an overview

Mark Tadajewski, Inger L. Stole

– This paper aims to examine the contents of the special issue, situating the material in appropriate historical context.

Cold War binaries and the culture of consumption in the late Soviet home

Susan E. Reid

The purpose of this paper is to challenge Cold War binaries, seeking a more nuanced understanding of popular experience of change in the Soviet Union’s last decades. This was a…


“Selling” Europe on free enterprise: Advertising, business and the US State Department in the late 1940s

Inger L. Stole

A number of scholars have explored the US Government’s postwar efforts, often in collaboration with the business community, to “sell America” to Americans themselves; others have…

The fashion gap: the Cold War politics of American and Soviet fashion, 1945-1959

Stephanie M. Amerian

– The purpose of this paper is to examine the role that fashion played in the Cold War competition between the USA and the Soviet Union during the period from 1945 to 1959.


Cold War consumption and the marketing of childhood in the Soviet Union and the United States, 1950-1960

Margaret Peacock

This paper aims to explore the relationship between childhood, consumption and the Cold War in 1950s America and the Soviet Union. The author argues that Soviet and American…

Distinctly un-American: subliminal advertising and the Cold War

Lawrence R Samuel

– This paper aims to describe the relationship between subliminal advertising and the Cold War to have a better understanding of the cultural dynamics of postwar America.

The Prague Spring and the Big Chill: the marketing moment in communist Czechoslovakia

Patrick Hyder Patterson

This paper aims to analyze an important series of events in the history of marketing in socialist Europe and the internationalization of marketing thought and practice. Examining…

Cigarette advertising in Cold War Bulgaria

Mary Catherine Neuburger

This paper aims to explore the parameters of Bulgarian cigarette advertising in the Cold War period. It contrasts the evolution of cigarette marketing in Bulgaria and the USA in…

On display in East and West: Socialist automobiles at international trade fairs during the Thaw

Luminita Gatejel

The purpose of this paper is to show how state socialist countries used soft power to improve their image in the West and advocate “the socialist way of life” in the context of…

Forgotten classics: Advertising in a Free Society, by Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon (1959)

Andrew D Pressey

The purpose of this paper is to review Advertising in a Free Society – a defence of the advertising industry – by Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon, and to evaluate its status as a…

Too many compromises: survey research and the spectre of communism

Stefan Schwarzkopf

This paper aims to chart the influence of McCarthyism and of FBI surveillance practices on a number of prominent American social scientists, market researchers, opinion pollsters…

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