Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Advertising in Russian periodicals at the turn of the communist era

Marina Y. Sheresheva, Anton A. Antonov-Ovseenko

This paper aims to document and analyze the development of Russian print advertising at the turn of the Communist era. It provides an overview of Russian print advertising in 1917…

Belk’s (1988) “Possessions and the extended self” revisited

Daniel Ladik, Francois Carrillat, Mark Tadajewski

The purpose of this paper is to revisit Russell Belk’s (1988) landmark paper “Possessions and the extended self”. The authors provide a prehistory of related ideas and then…


Intertwined: Brand personification, brand personality and brand relationships in historical perspective

Mark Avis, Robert Aitken

– The purpose of this paper is an examination of the role of brand personification in the development of the concepts of brand personality and brand relationships.


The development of consumer privacy protection policy in China: a historical review

Zhihong Gao, Susan O’Sullivan-Gavin

Given the unique cultural-political context of China, this paper aims to investigate two research questions: What has been the development trajectory of policy-making on consumer…

Locating the past in its silence: history and marketing theory in India

Rohit Varman, Hari Sreekumar

The paper aims to argue, while examining the history of marketing theory in India, that the discipline is ahistorical, serves large business interests and is shaped by hegemonic…


Marketing and consuming flowers in the Ottoman Empire

Eminegül Karababa

This paper aims to investigate the marketing and consumption of flowers as a commodity from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century in the Ottoman context, a non-Western context…

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