Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 6 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Philosophy Debates in Marketing

Guest Editors: Professor Mark Tadajewski

Paradigm debates and marketing theory, thought and practice: From the 1900s to the present day

Mark Tadajewski

This paper aims to provide a history of a number of intellectual debates in marketing theory and consumer research. It outlines the key arguments involved, highlights the politics…


Restoring Phronesis and practice: marketing’s forgotten P’s

Donncha Kavanagh

The purpose of this paper is to examine the evolution of marketing’s philosophical conversation over the past 120 years, focusing on the emergent meaning of the notion that…

Understanding marketing’s philosophy debates: A retrospective on seven key publication events

Shelby Hunt

The purpose of this article is to chronicle the publication events in the 1980s and 1990s that framed the development of the series of controversies in marketing that are known as…


The labors of the Odysseans and the legacy of the Odyssey

Russell Belk

The purpose of this paper is to review the 1985-1991 project called “The Consumer Behavior Odyssey”, including a retrospective assessment of its context and role in influencing…

What did you do in the Great Paradigm War? Notes from the other side

John Sherry

The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the author’s involvement in the paradigm wars of the 1980s in marketing and consumer research. In this paper, the author describes his…


Marketing challenges: a personal history

A. Fuat Firat

The purpose of this paper is to explore the challenges that have faced and do now face marketing scholars through the lens of one scholar who entered the field in early 1970s and…

Forgotten classics: E.T. Grether’s (1966) Marketing and Public Policy

Ronald Savitt

– The purpose of this article is to revisit a forgotten classic in the marketing literature to provide a historical review of ET Grether’s 1966 book, Marketing and Public Policy.


Forgotten classics: Marketing in the American Economy by Vaile, Grether and Cox (1952)

Stanley J Shapiro

The purpose of this paper is to retrospectively review what is considered to be a forgotten classic in the marketing literature, Marketing in the American Economy, published in…


The Marketing Institution by Ralph F. Breyer (1934)

Eric Shaw

– The purpose of this review is to examine an early marketing textbook for its insights into concepts and theory that may have relevance today.

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