Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 6 Issue 2


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Multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes in the United States: An historical analysis

William W. Keep, Peter J. Vander Nat

This paper aims to analyze the evolution of direct selling – a retail channel that successfully sold products ranging from cosmetics to radios to automobiles – to multilevel…


The ingenious marketing of modern paintings

Thomas M. Bayer, John Page

This paper aims to analyze the evolution of the marketing of paintings and related visual products from its nascent stages in England around 1700 to the development of the modern…

Staying afloat: A history of maritime passenger industry marketing

Blaine Branchik

The purpose of this paper is to recount the history of the marketing of the maritime passenger industry (known today as the cruise industry). This is a unique industry that has…

Hiraga Gennai: The Renaissance marketer of eighteenth-century Japan

Yuko Minowa

This paper aims to examine a copy Hiraga Gennai wrote advertising the toothpowder brand Sosekiko in terms of its target audience, product decisions pertaining to branding and…

Retail evolution: Historical facts, theoretical logic and critical thinking

Charles A. Ingene

The purpose of this paper is to enhance students’ ability to use theory to assess facts logically and creatively. To achieve this end, the author explicates the evolution of

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