Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 2 Issue 2


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George Washington Hill and the “Reach for a Lucky … ” campaign

Fred Beard, Anna Klyueva

The purpose of this historical paper is to examine arguably the most controversial advertising campaign of all time. Critics have condemned tobacco marketer George…


“A virtual social H‐bomb”: the late 1950s controversy over subliminal advertising

Ronald A. Fullerton

The purpose of this paper is to examine the beginning of the controversy over subliminal advertising in late 1957, as news of a supposedly successful commercial test of…


Silver dollars: the development of the US elderly market segment

Blaine J. Branchik

The purpose of this paper is to periodize the history of the US senior market segment, a large, lucrative target market.

The intellectual odyssey of David D. Monieson (1927‐2008): a quest for usable knowledge

D.G. Brian Jones, Peggy Cunningham, Paula McLean, Stanley Shapiro

The purpose of this paper is to present a biographical sketch of David D. Monieson whose academic career in marketing included time spent at the Wharton School of Business…

A historical survey concerning marketing middlemen as producers of value

David D. Monieson

The purpose of this paper is to trace from ancient Greek scholars to the mid‐1950s the sentiments of two schools of economic thought on the role of marketing middlemen or…


Reading Professor David D. Monieson: Humanism, pluralism, and intellectualization

Mark Tadajewski

The purpose of this paper is to present a selective survey of Professor Monieson's work, using the philosophy and sociology of science as a prism.


David D. Monieson: memories of inspired learning

Susanna Trebuss

The purpose of this paper is to recall the author's experience as a student of David D. Monieson.


Remembering Danny Monieson: reflections on a mentor and a friend

Stanley J. Shapiro

The purpose of this paper is to present the author's recall of his personal and professional relationship with Danny Monieson, a relationship that lasted for almost half a century.

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