Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 14 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Marketization and commodification of history

Guest Editors: Hélène Gorge, Nil Ozcaglar-Toulouse

Commodifying ancient cultural heritage: the market evolution of the Parthenon temple

Zafeirenia Brokalaki, Georgios Patsiaouras

The purpose of this paper is to show and critically discuss the motivations, conflicting narratives, practices and effects around the marketisation of cultural heritage. The work…

New Zealand’s ANZAC nurses: marketizing the great war for a 21st-century fit

Jayne Krisjanous, Christine Hallett

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how a historical event packaged as an iconic heritage cultural brand can be marketized and modified over time to ensure brand longevity and…

Chromolithographed history: brands’ trade cards and the co-construction of the French “roman national” (1900s-1930s)

Anthony Galluzzo

The purpose of this paper is to study how several brands like Poulain, Liebig and Guérin have helped to disseminate the French roman national through their chromolithographs at…

(En) act your age! Marketing and the marketization of history in young SMEs

Terrance Weatherbee, Donna Sears

This paper aims to examine how wineries used history in their marketing communications to overcome the liability of newness in a settled field that valorizes duration and…

Marketing the past over the long run: uses of the past in French accounting textbooks, 17th-19th c.

Pierre Labardin, Pierre Gervais

A growing share of the literature in the fields of marketing and organizational theory is focusing on the uses of the past. This paper aims to propose an analysis of these uses…

Rhetorical history and strategic marketing: the example of Starbucks

Pierre Volle

This study aims to illustrate how firms engage in rhetorical history, i.e. “the process by which managers skillfully impose meaning on a firm’s past as a persuasive and agentic…

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