Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 12 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The World of Advertising: International Perspectives on Advertising History

Guest Editors: Blaine J. Branchik, Richard Hawkins

Exploring the success of Thai advertising: historical perspective

Marissa Chantamas, Bu-nga Chaisuwan

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive record of the development of Thai advertising, which started as being heavily influenced by the West and subsequently evolved with a…

“For quiet nerves and steady poise”: A historical analysis of advertising to New Zealand nurses in the Kai Tiaki Journal 1908-1929

Jayne Krisjanous, Pamela Wood

The purpose of this paper is to examine advertising placed within Kai Tiaki: The Journal of Nurses of New Zealand. The periodization for this study is 1908-1929, a chronological…

Advertisements in Russian provincial press at the beginning of the First World War

Alexander Zakharov, Elena Leontyeva, Alexander Leontyev

This paper aims to examine some common and specific features of advertisements published in Tsaritsyn’s (present-day Volgograd) daily newspapers at the beginning of the First Word…

Nuclear energy promotion using collectable cards aimed at children

Maria Elena Aramendia-Muneta

This paper aims to examine how an innovative concept was introduced to a new market segment through varied marketing techniques.


The German advertising industry – from 1950 to 2018

Damian Hesse, Katja Lurie

The purpose of this paper is to review the development of the German advertising industry starting from 1950 to 2018 with a special focus on the American influence.

Western influences in Turkish advertising: Disseminating the ideals of home, family and femininity in the 1950s and 1960s

Nazife Karamullaoglu, Ozlem Sandikci

This purpose of this paper is to explore how Western design, fashion and aesthetic styles influenced advertising practice in Turkey in the post-Second World War era. Specifically…


Culture and the multinational advertising agency: the rise and fall of Mojo-MDA, 1964-1991

Robert Crawford

This paper aims to trace the emergence, rise and eventual fall of Mojo-MDA. Established as a creative consultancy in 1975, Mojo embarked on an ambitious growth strategy that would…

J. Walter Thompson: the origin and development of account planning

Cristina Sánchez-Blanco

This paper aims to clarify whether J. Walter Thompson (JWT)’s planning and research tradition gave rise to the concept of Account Planning. In addition, it seeks to analyse the…

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