The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice: Volume 16 Issue 3

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An exploratory questionnaire survey about overwork on mental health of Japanese elementary and junior high school teachers

Miki Kuwabara, Koji Oba, Nao Takano, Noritoshi Nagamine, Yoko Maruyama, Nobuhiro Ito, Izumi Watanabe, Chikako Ikeda, Junichi Sakamoto

Occupational stress-relating overwork among teachers predispose to mental disorders and eventually lead to long leave from work. Although some studies have been conducted to…


Experiences of newly qualified clinical psychologists in CAMHS

Simon Levinson, Pieter Willem Nel, Louise-Margaret Conlan

There is a gap in the literature regarding the experiences of newly qualified Clinical Psychologists (NQCPs) working within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in…

Recognizing service users’ diversity: social identity narratives of British Pakistanis in a mental health context

Basharat Hussain, Abdullah Zafar Sheikh, Julie Repper, Theodore Stickley, Stephen Timmons, Mahmood Hussain Shah

This study aims to investigate how British Pakistani people talk about their social identity, in the context of mental health, and how this shapes their experiences and…

A three-phased model to support the design and development of core competency education for liaison mental health clinicians

Gary Lamph, Claire Bullen-Foster

This paper aims to provide an insight into the design, development and delivery proposals for a first of its kind “Liaison Mental Health Training Programme”. In the UK, there has…

Multidisciplinary, simulation-based training to improve review of seclusion

Mike Akroyd, Janet Allison, Sarah Booth, Carole Gilligan, David Harrison, Victoria Holden, Rebecca Mace

Seclusion is the supervised containment of a patient, away from others, when immediately necessary to manage safety on a psychiatric inpatient ward. When seclusion is necessary…

A qualitative study: health professionals’ perceptions toward psychiatric palliative care for people with serious mental illness

Donna S. Baird

People with mental disorders experience higher rates of disability and mortality disproportionately than the general population. Until recently, psychiatric palliative care (PPC…

The impact of the campus climate and mental health literacy on students’ wellbeing

Ethan McGuirk, Patricia Frazer

The prevalence of mental health (MH) issues amongst post-secondary students is on the rise. This study aims to assess if a student’s mental well-being (MWB) is impacted by a range…

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