The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice: Volume 13 Issue 4

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Mentoring trainee psychologists: learning from lived experience

Hannah Prytherch, Laura Lea, Matthew Richardson

The purpose of this paper is to examine service-users’ experiences of mentoring trainee clinical psychologists as part of an involvement initiative on a doctoral training course.

Recovery Colleges; how effective are they?

Selma Ebrahim, Angela Glascott, Heidi Mayer, Elodie Gair

Recovery Colleges are education-based mental health resources, utilising practitioner and lived experience expertise, promoting skills to enhance student independence. The purpose…

Prison psychiatry: is the training experience safe?

Ruairi Page, Matthew Tovey, Fiona Hynes

Training in the prison settings is a mandatory part of higher training in forensic psychiatry. Violence in prisons is a recognised issue, which can impact on trainee safety and…

Online CBT training for mental health providers in primary care

Kristen Sorocco, Joseph Mignogna, Michael R. Kauth, Natalie Hundt, Melinda A. Stanley, Elyse Thakur, Chelsea G. Ratcliff, Jeffrey A. Cully

The purpose of study was to assess the impact of an online training program for a brief cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that integrated physical health management designed for…

Facilitation as a vital skill in mental health promotion: findings from a mixed methods evaluation

Margaret McAllister, Cathie Withyman, Bruce Allen Knight

The implementation of mental health promotion is a core part of the role for all mental health professionals. This involves working with individuals and groups to facilitate the…

Personal reactions to sexual assault disclosures made by female clients diagnosed with serious mental illness

Charlotte Strauss Swanson, Tracy Schroepfer

Mental health practitioners working with female clients diagnosed with a serious mental illness (SMI) often face client disclosures of sexual assault. Research has shown that…

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